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Design a Website Your Visitors Will Love

Web Design Blue Frog Team Jul 8, 2016 2 min. read

If your business decides it needs to build a website or redesign its current website for a fresher look, congratulations! Having an attractive website is the first step to growing your business ...

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What Is My Website Missing? – Part 3

Web Design Blue Frog Team Jun 29, 2016 3 min. read

Your business website should be attractive, organized, easy to navigate, and capable of converting visitors into leads. If your online presence isn’t continually bringing you quality leads, you’re ...

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What Is My Website Missing? – Part 2

Web Design Blue Frog Team Jun 14, 2016 3 min. read

Last week, we talked about two important elements every business website must incorporate to be as successful as possible. If you missed it, be sure to check it out! It's called, "7 Essential ...

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6 Web Design Rules to Follow for Building a Lead Generating Machine

Web Design Blue Frog Team May 26, 2016 3 min. read

You can only generate leads online if you have an effective website. Fortunately, designing a webpage that’s built to generate leads doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time consuming! Follow these ...

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7 Essential Elements Your Website Is Missing – Part 1

Web Design Blue Frog Team May 25, 2016 3 min. read

Have you been struggling to bring traffic to your website? We know the fight to attract visitors can be difficult and frustrating, and once you do figure out how to bring them in, then you still need ...

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5 Things Visitors Hate About Your Website

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team May 13, 2016 3 min. read

Inbound marketing revolves around attracting the right people to your company and not annoying them (like outbound marketing often does).  Your website is often the first a visitor sees of your ...

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Is Your Website Your Best Salesperson?

Web Design Blue Frog Team May 10, 2016 2 min. read

What if your best salesperson came into work early every day and stayed late every night, working diligently all day long? What if this person also worked every weekend, evening, and late into the ...

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Why isn’t anyone visiting my business website?

Web Design Blue Frog Team Apr 19, 2016 3 min. read

Do you have trouble bringing traffic to your website? A website can be your business’s most valuable asset if it’s designed properly and nurtured. In fact, your website has the potential to be your ...

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10 Simple Ways to Convert More Leads on Your Home Page

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Apr 13, 2016 5 min. read

In order to generate leads from your website, you probably have a variety of landing pages set up that feature several content offers and numerous conversion paths for visitors to take. This is ...

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Is WordPress Right for Your Business Website?

SEO Blue Frog Team Jan 21, 2016 3 min. read

WordPress has, for some time now, been the most popular CMS (content management system) for websites due to its ease of use for developers and end users alike. It is a powerful system that allows ...

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Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Devices

Web Design Blue Frog Team Nov 24, 2015 2 min. read

As a millennial, I grew up with easy access to technology: a cell phone, computer, television, tablet—and heck, even my Gameboy—were all literally at my fingertips. Swiping screens and texting on ...

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Networking 201: Follow Up with Online Content

Social Media Blue Frog Team Sep 8, 2015 2 min. read

You spent two hours at an event with interesting, diverse people from a variety of industries and made a few good connections. You exchanged business cards and talked about how your products and ...

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