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Meet the Team

Image of John Campbell

John Campbell

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Image of Kelsey Halverson

Kelsey Halverson

Chief Operating Officer

Image of Gabbi Sarcone

Gabbi Sarcone

Chief Revenue Officer

Image of Kevin Benson

Kevin Benson

Director of Revenue Operations

Image of Mike Wessel

Mike Wessel

Director of Consulting Services

Image of Jillian Streit

Jillian Streit

Director of Research & Training

Image of Michelle Hilsabeck

Michelle Hilsabeck

Director of Client Onboarding

Image of Greg Hensel

Greg Hensel

Senior Consultant

Image of Alex Halsted

Alex Halsted

Business Consultant

Image of Mallory Armstrong

Mallory Armstrong

Business Consultant

Image of Nick Hinzmann

Nick Hinzmann

Sr. Solutions Architect

Image of Aashray Mehta

Aashray Mehta

Sr. Solutions Architect

Image of Hannah Swift

Hannah Swift

Sr. Project Manager

Image of Haley Maul

Haley Maul

Project Manager

Image of Tierney Needham

Tierney Needham

Project Manager

Image of Chloe Lachacz

Chloe Lachacz

Project Manager

Image of Ross Wesselmann

Ross Wesselmann

Project Manager

Image of Miranda Ellerbach

Miranda Ellerbach

Onboarding Project Manager

Image of Christine Black

Christine Black

Creative Project Manager

Image of Laura Stroup

Laura Stroup

HubSpot Admin

Image of Kennedy Korth

Kennedy Korth

HubSpot Admin

Image of Jay Meekins

Jay Meekins

Graphic Designer

Image of Ashley McDowell

Ashley McDowell

Web Developer

Image of Diane Campbell

Diane Campbell



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