Our Team
Meet the strategists, designers, writers, and printers behind Blue Frog.

John Campbell

"I'm the happiest because I'm doing exactly what I want to do"
- Gary Vaynerchuk

I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by such a great group of people every day who genuinely care about Blue Frog, their fellow team members, and our clients. While I am the founder of Blue Frog, the success of our business and the successes of our clients are largely due to the efforts of this fantastic staff.

Outside of work I enjoy snowboarding, rock climbing, running, and watching my Cyclones. With my wife Ali and son Ethan, we like to travel and spend time with our two Weimaraners, Piper and Penny.

Greg Hensel

Vice President
I work out of our office in Huron, Ohio. My background is in print, advertising, and digital marketing.

I like how our team’s expertise encompasses a wide range of marketing activities, including inbound marketing, graphic and web design, blogging, social media management, technical writing, email marketing, direct mail, printing, and fulfillment.

Tyler Scott

Print Marketing Manager
I’m a sports fanatic. I try to attend as many Iowa State football and basketball games as I possibly can as well as Minnesota Wild games whenever I’m not playing hockey myself.

My favorite part about working at Blue Frog is getting to work alongside other fun and career-driven employees. It’s fun to be part of a growing business, too!

Kelsey Meyer

Director of Client Experience

I am constantly smiling and laughing. As a runner and yogi, you’re bound to find me out in the sunshine. My intense love of animals often leads me astray; I’d drop just about anything to snuggle and play with a pup!

I really love how every person at Blue Frog has his or her own unique set of talents. Together, we complete a whole puzzle.

Kelsey Halverson

Director of Creative Services

I’m an ISU girl but a Minnesota native at heart. You’ll be able to tell by all of my Minnesota knick knacks on my desk and the Wild jersey I’m rocking in my picture. I survive on coffee and chocolate, and I absolutely love the creative outlet my job entails.

I feel fortunate to be working with a group of people who truly work together as a team to provide clients a large variety of valuable resources for their businesses.

Mikayla Wilson

Inbound Marketing Strategist

I am an avid adventurer with a passion for acquiring new knowledge and experiences. In the summer, you’ll find me by the water, but when it gets cold I’ll be on the slopes.

The team at Blue Frog is driven, knowledgeable, and a joy to be around. That’s why I love working here!

Elle Scott

Creative Lead

I love to travel, try new foods, and will never pass up an opportunity to do some crafting! On the weekends, you can likely find me anywhere that sells bagels and coffee, or trying not to spend all of my money in a home goods store.

I love the collaborative atmosphere at Blue Frog and that everyone can laugh together and have fun. You are really encouraged to do what you are passionate about, and you get to build meaningful relationships with both your coworkers and clients.

Nick Hinzmann

Web Developer

I am a die-hard fan of the Minnesota Twins, Wild, Vikings and Gophers. I also enjoy watching UNI Panther football and basketball, as well as spending time with my cat, Claurice. 

I’m truly impressed with the way all of the employees at Blue Frog work in unison on large varieties of projects. I enjoy being a part of our culture and getting to see positive results as well.

David Campbell

Web Developer

I enjoy snowboarding while playing electric guitar and reading Ulysses by James Joyce. Yes, all at the same time. How you ask? Because I am a magical wizard from Colorado.

I work with some of the best people on the planet at Blue Frog. Every day, I look forward to collaborating with my teammates and I love the working environment that Blue Frog creates.

Alex Beach

Creative Specialist

I am a self-proclaimed chef and an adamant lover of spicy foods, Fridays, and YouTube videos. You can usually catch me watching crime documentaries or geeking out about the latest After Effects plugin.


 I enjoy coming to work everyday because I get to learn and grow alongside of truly amazing colleagues. The upbeat atmosphere here fuels creativity and allows us to really embrace new challenges.

Natalee Ostrander

Creative Specialist

I’m an old lady at heart, so you can usually find me reading books, knitting, playing flute, and going to bed at 8:00 PM. I love all things Wartburg (Go Knights!) and my go-to breakfast drink is a green tea frappuccino. 


I love being a part of the creative team at Blue Frog because we’re always collaborating and bringing new ideas to the plate. We’re constantly raising the bar and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring for our constantly growing, close-knit, dog-loving company!

Amy Nelson

Digital Advertising Specialist

I am an avid reader, traveler, foodie, lover of craft beer, and I'm always seeking out new adventures. When I’m not working, you can find me enjoying some local food & drinks or curled up with a good book.


What I love most about Blue Frog are the people and the collaborative work environment. Everyone here is passionate about what they do and willing to help you learn and grow.

Kelsi Cypser

Digital Advertising Specialist
I’m probably the biggest Panera fan you’ll ever meet. I am a huge animal lover, especially dogs. I love traveling and checking new things off my bucket-list. So far, nothing has beat cuddling with cheetahs in New Zealand.

Football is my sport, and my teams are the Cyclones and the Bengals. Blue Frog has a lively, teamwork based atmosphere, and we really strive to create success for every client. I love working in a fun, creative environment, and also with a team that is hard-working and dedicated. The dogs are a plus too!

Gabbi Sarcone

Inbound Marketing Strategist

In another life I studied and performed opera, so I love attending concerts around Des Moines whenever I can! My other hobbies include gardening, knitting, and cooking. I’m also a huge Chicago Cubs and Drake Bulldogs fan!

 I love the team-centered atmosphere here at Blue Frog. Everyone brings a different specialty to the table and I’m always learning from our collaborations!

Emily Koss

Content Specialist

If I’m not spending my evenings at a concert, you’ll find me at home cuddling with my cats. I’ve never met a pizza I didn’t like, and I’m always ready to take a trip abroad.


I love being part of the encouraging, hardworking team at Blue Frog and experiencing the welcoming environment everyone creates!

Nikki Goldman

Print Coordinator

My favorite activity by far is enjoying a healthy workout session with my three amazing children. Three of my other loves are sports, cooking, and painting. My new fur baby, King, has been a great addition to our family.

We have a “think outside the box” atmosphere! Sitting on yoga balls and bringing our dogs to work are just a couple of the perks. We are very much like family instead of simply business colleagues.

Mallory Daugherty

Inbound Marketing Strategist

Being “the fun aunt” is something I consider to be a great personal accomplishment. My favorite kind of shoes have at least a four-inch heel. I pride myself on knowing all the small towns in Iowa, and my favorite is “The Home of Friendly People,” because I am one of the friendly people.


Blue Frog has a fun, results-driven culture that I am excited to be a part of. I feel very fortunate to enjoy coming to work every day!

Jody Repp Brown

Sales Consultant

I’ve done marketing on all sides with radio, print, digital, event planning and more. I’m a mom to 7 kids, so I don’t have any hobbies of my own other than raising responsible, awesome children and supporting them in their school and sports activities. 

What I like best about Blue Frog is helping businesses reach their marketing goals through our vast array of products. I enjoy working together a as part of team to bring the best solutions and products to our clients.

Randy Easter

Bindery Operator

I enjoy fishing and gardening (especially tomatoes)! I love watching Antique Roadshow and am starting to collect as many amphora pieces as I can. I was even an antique dealer once upon a time.

I like working at Blue Frog because it’s a small, young, self-made company, and the relationships we have with each other are personal and friendly.

Diane Campbell


I must love school because I’ve spent 23 years as a student and five as a teacher. This job is ideal for me because I get to research, write, and correct other people’s work while learning new things every day. 

I appreciate our team-oriented culture and the ability to work remotely, which saves me substantial time, money, and energy and gives me more time with family.


Office K9

My name is Rari! I like to chase squirrels and eat my treats. It's my job to welcome everyone as soon as they come into the office!