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Project Engagements

Have a specific project in the pipeline that needs both strategic guidance and tactical execution, but not necessarily the ongoing support? We understand that your needs may only require external assistance temporarily to complete a single project.


  • Defined Scope
  • Fixed Fee
  • Experienced Team
  • Deliverable Focused
  • Timeline Bound
  • Process Driven

Right for you if…

  1. You’re seeking a partner to execute a clearly defined project from concept to completion.
  2. You need a website redesigned, or brand refreshed, or some similar type of fixed-scope deliverable.
  3. You have a need for specific strategic audit, assessment, or consultation without being bound to an ongoing engagement.

What this engagement might look like

Our refined process is designed to set clear goals and expectations, provide full transparency into the requirements for a successful engagement, and eliminate any uncertainties about who is working on your project or how the team will approach it. When entering an engagement you’re not working with a sales team as your guide to success, you’re working directly with our executive team who have decades of creative, strategic, and business experience who understand the importance of process and expectations, and who also lead the teams that will execute your project engagement. By having the executive team lead as our sales team it not only expedites defining the project needs during the sales and discovery process, but it also bridges the gap once the project is ready to proceed from the executive team to the necessary team of specialists to see to completion.

Ready to start your project or not seeing your engagement type?

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