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3 Simple Content Marketing Resolutions for 2017

SEO Blue Frog Team Jan 18, 2017 5 min. read

It’s January again. Now that the holiday buzz has died down, have you thought about what your content marketing goals are for your business in 2017? Research shows that setting goals increases ...

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Why Doesn't My Website Show Up on Google?

SEO Diane Campbell Jan 11, 2017 3 min. read

Take control of your SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of making your website and its contents easily recognizable to search engines so they are more likely to present users with ...

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How Your Audience Affects Your Web Design

Web Design Blue Frog Team Dec 21, 2016 3 min. read

The design of your website is tremendously important for your business. A good web designer must keep many factors in mind to design a website that’s going to drive traffic and sell business. But how ...

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Your Website Design Is Never Fully Complete

SEO Diane Campbell Dec 6, 2016 4 min. read

If you have a functional website for your business, you’re on the right track! That doesn’t mean the work on your site is done, however. Websites require continuous updating and ongoing attention to ...

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5 Web Design Tips for the Ultimate Homepage

Web Design Blue Frog Team Oct 26, 2016 4 min. read

A website’s homepage is the foundation for successful digital marketing. Typically your homepage is the page that receives the most visits so it’s crucial that people connect with your message, ...

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Is Your Website a Horror Show?

Web Design Blue Frog Team Oct 20, 2016 3 min. read

Do you have trouble keeping people on your website? Do visitors run away as soon as they set eyes on your homepage? If so, it will be nearly impossible for your website to convert visitors into ...

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5 Web Design Problems That Can Be Costing You Leads

Web Design Diane Campbell Oct 12, 2016 3 min. read

If your business website isn’t generating the volume of leads you’d hoped, paying attention to a few key aspects of your site could help. Start your assessment by asking yourself whether these five ...

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Website Design for Dummies

SEO Blue Frog Team Sep 23, 2016 2 min. read

Web design doesn’t need to be rocket science. At Blue Frog, we are constantly creating and updating websites to keep up with current trends. 2016 web design trends have proven to be a year full of ...

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What Are the Most Important Design Factors for a Successful Website?

Web Design Blue Frog Team Sep 20, 2016 3 min. read

Effective web design is crucial for successful online marketing. While it’s easy to get hung up in aesthetic elements like colors, images and fonts, it’s important to look at the bigger picture of ...

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5 Things People Hate About Your Marketing Strategy

Social Media Blue Frog Team Aug 30, 2016 5 min. read

Most businesses don’t like to spend a lot of time thinking about updating their marketing strategy. But keeping up with marketing trends and strategies can help make sure your products and services ...

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See Your Website from Your Visitors' Point of View

SEO Diane Campbell Aug 26, 2016 4 min. read

A successful website attracts your ideal customers, provides content they value, and encourages them to get in touch with your business. Previously, we discussed the value of developing buyer ...

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Web Design Tips for Killer Content That Converts

Content Creation Blue Frog Team Aug 16, 2016 4 min. read

Content is one of the most important aspects of any website. The inbound marketing methodology, which revolves around attracting customers to your site rather than using traditional advertising, ...

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