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Web Development vs. Web Design—How Are They Different?

Many people do not really understand the differences between web development and web design. Web development involves building the framework that tells a website how to function and how it should look to the user. Code is written and created that determines what users will see on the front end. Web design focuses on the UI/UX (user interaction/user experience) of a website—what the user actually sees and how they interact with and move around your website. 

Web developers are sort of like scientists who build, create, and experiment with the building blocks of the website, while web designers are the artists who figure out where things should go and how they should look to captivate users.


Web Design

Web design is the visual part of a website—everything you can see. Before development begins, the web designer creates a mockup for the website and sends it to the developer to work off of. Web designers are also in charge of how the information on a website will be presented and how the site will flow and lead the user from place to place. The web designer is also kind of like a psychologist who needs to understand how users think, so they can strategically place the right colors, content, and designs in the right places.


Web Development 

The web developer builds the foundation for a website, writing code for each different part mapped out on the web designer's mockup. Each part is tested (and the code manipulated) until it looks how the designer envisioned it.

Web development can usually be split into two categories: front end and back end. Front-end web developers are in charge of the code responsible for determining how the website will be displayed. They can take a mockup or design that a web designer gives them to create a functioning website written in code (HTML and CSS). A back-end web developer is in charge of the content management system (CMS) development and maintenance, as well as managing the data within a database. Some web developers, called full-stack developers, are skilled in both front-end and back-end development.


Hybrid Developers

As technology is constantly evolving, so are people’s capabilities. Now, web design and web development tend to blend together as more and more people are trained in both. These “hybrids” are a hot commodity because they can see the entire picture, having the mind to code and eye to design.


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