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What Is Schema Markup?

SEO Blue Frog Team Feb 18, 2018 3 min. read

The marketing world is full of jargon and acronyms like SEO, CMS, CRM, inbound, outbound... the list goes on and on. In your research, you’ve probably come across some industry thought leaders using ...

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5 SEO Trends to Look Out for in 2018

SEO Blue Frog Team Feb 16, 2018 4 min. read

As we scroll through our social newsfeeds at the first of the year, we see posts making bold statements like, “New year, new me.” January is a great time to set goals and start new habits. However, ...

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How to Effectively Write Meta Descriptions [in 2018]

SEO Blue Frog Team Feb 6, 2018 7 min. read

Near the end of 2017, Google made a major change to how they display snippets (AKA meta descriptions) in organic search results. According to a SISTRIX analysis, before mid-November, more than 90% of ...

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Writing For Your Audience

SEO Blue Frog Team Jan 24, 2018 3 min. read

Good content is one thing, but good content written for a specific audience takes your marketing to another level. Identifying who you’re trying to reach prior to putting pen to paper will help you ...

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Keyword-Driven SEO Is Dying. Here’s What Marketers Should Do.

SEO Blue Frog Team Jan 22, 2018 5 min. read

For years, SEO conversations have revolved around the use of keywords, but today we are beginning to see the decline of the keyword craze and the growth of consumer-influenced content.Google’s focus ...

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How to Use Keywords for SEO Without It Feeling Forced

SEO Blue Frog Team Jan 8, 2018 3 min. read

The landscape of search engine optimization is ever-changing. Incorporating keywords throughout your online content the correct way is essential for SEO. So, what is the right way to use keywords on ...

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Google Extended Meta Description Length. What Can You Do?

SEO Blue Frog Team Dec 30, 2017 3 min. read

In November 2017, Google extended the length of meta description that displays in their search results. A meta description is the short explanation of what a person will find if they click the link ...

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How to Write the Perfect Content for Your Website Homepage

SEO Blue Frog Team Dec 23, 2017 3 min. read

Your homepage is expected to tell visitors everything they should know about your business as well as do the heavy lifting when it comes to SEO. Sounds like a tall order, huh? There is a lot of ...

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How to Start Practicing Inbound Marketing Techniques Today

Inbound Marketing Blue Frog Team Nov 20, 2017 3 min. read

What is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is marketing with a magnet instead of a hammer. It’s the practice of pulling users to you with compelling content and a search engine optimization (SEO) ...

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How to Optimize Your Content for Featured Snippets

SEO Blue Frog Team Nov 17, 2017 2 min. read

We’ve all seen these little answer boxes at the top of Google’s search result pages (SERPs), and wondered how to get your content featured in them. While there’s no magic formula to get your site ...

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Composing the Perfect Title

SEO Blue Frog Team Oct 23, 2017 4 min. read

Many businesses work hard to produce great content, but titles are often created in a rush or quickly slapped onto an article before or after the piece is written. It's important to realize how ...

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What Is a CMS and How Can It Help Develop Your Online Presence?

SEO Elle Scott Oct 19, 2017 4 min. read

Establishing your online presence is essential in today’s marketing environment. While it can be a daunting task, good content management is the key to attracting customers and telling your brand’s ...

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