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Mystery Solved: Directing Your Next Blog Post Towards Success

Posted by Blue Frog Team on May 16, 2018 12:11:04 PM

Is it that time of the week? Whether you’ve been blogging for years or you’re a rookie about to give your first post a go, I have some great tips for you. One of the most difficult parts of writing a blog article is getting started: choosing a topic and determining the direction for your piece.

You want it to be educational, helpful, useful, and entertaining for your target audience so the right people actually read it, right? You also want it to be successful and build authority over time. How the heck can I be sure my article will cover all those bases?  I’m glad you asked. Let’s jump right in and find the answer!

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Improve Your Writing Instantly with These Tips

Posted by Blue Frog Team on Mar 19, 2018 4:01:00 PM

Bland, uninspired content is almost as bad as no content at all. You may be struggling to find ways to make your writing more engaging. We put our content masters together to come up with some tips to instantly improve your writing. Listen up—you won’t want to miss this!

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Your Ultimate Pillar Page Development Guide

Posted by Blue Frog Team on Feb 8, 2018 5:39:00 PM

Have you heard of the term “pillar page” yet? If you work in the content marketing world, you most likely have. If you haven’t, it’s time to familiarize yourself. Content marketers have fairly recently started adopting the topic cluster website organization strategy, and they are beginning to be more proactive about implementing it on websites.

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