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How to Use Social Media to Amplify Your Inbound Strategy

Social media has become an important tool for both personal and professional use. In the vast realm of social media platforms, creativity and ingenuity flourish, and navigating it wisely can help propel your inbound strategy to new heights.

Using social media as a marketing tool gives your brand the opportunity to grab the attention of your target audience with great content. In contrast to aggressive outbound marketing strategies, social media inbound marketing draws your customers’ interest, enticing them to read your content and become further engaged. We’ve provided some practical and effective insights below to help you better understand how social media can enhance your inbound strategy.  

How Social Media Can Boost Your Inbound Strategy

Social media can strengthen your brand and its relevance.

Social media can be a powerful way to get your foot in the door with your target audience. Frequently posting engaging content helps build and maintain your brand’s authority and relevance. You can enhance the impact of your posts by also knowing where and when to post. Posting to the right channels at the right time to reach your audience shows your prospects that you care about keeping them engaged.

When using social media to strengthen your brand, it’s important to consider what tone of voice as well as what kinds of posts will best connect with your audience and represent your brand. For example,

  • Will your content be humorous, more serious, or a blend of the two?
  • How often will your brand post (e.g., daily, weekly, three times per week)?
  • What kinds of media will your brand post (e.g., videos, photos, graphics)?

Posting quality content that fits your brand’s personality is imperative for establishing and maintaining its relevance.


Social media helps to attract and engage your audience.

Digital networking and newsgathering have become so common that nearly everyone has used a social network at some point. For those who use social networks on a daily basis, keeping an active presence on their preferred platforms is important for keeping them engaged with your brand and wanting to come back for more. For those who use social media less frequently, use your brand’s unique posts to help draw them in more often.

To attract new readers to your website and social media channels, try using a call to action (CTA, such as, “Like and share this post!” or, “Reply in the comments and tag your friends!” With CTAs, you can widen your audience so more users can see your posts. Sharing and liking posts is “visible” to a readers’ other connections, which lets you draw a wider, more diverse audience.


Social media drives traffic to your website.

While social media does not directly contribute to search engine rankings, it nonetheless increases your brand’s exposure. We already know that posting quality content and posting often helps engage your customers and maintain relevance, but it can also drive users to your website. While social media is not the primary focus of search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, it should be taken seriously.

By posting regularly to your desired social channels, you can both build new relationships and audiences and strengthen existing ones. For example, if your brand has a solid relationship with a specific influencer, blogger, or brand advocate, they can help you promote your content through their social channels. This helps create more links to you, which weighs in your favor when it comes to Google rankings. In these ways, social media can get your content in front of a larger, more diverse audience and bring that audience to your website.

Optimizing your social media efforts to build your brand, grow your following, and boost your website traffic, is an important part of an effective inbound marketing strategy. When you use social media to boost your inbound strategy, you’ll discover new ways to keep your audience involved and engaged—and even attract new audiences that you wouldn’t otherwise reach. For more information and tips on social media and inbound marketing, check out our other blog posts here!

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