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Website Design for Dummies


Web design doesn’t need to be rocket science.

At Blue Frog, we are constantly creating and updating websites to keep up with current trends. 2016 web design trends have proven to be a year full of bright, full-screen splash images, modernist graphics and icons, and short, concise information. If your personal or company website hasn’t caught up with the times yet, it’s time to realize the massive impact good website design has on not only your brand but also your site’s visibility on the web.


Aesthetics Matter

We’ll start with an easy one: People are naturally drawn to attractive design—if it looks good, you’ll generally tend to check it out. This is absolutely true of your website. You wouldn’t read an instruction manual from 1990 if your TV was broken, and the same is true on the web. Outdated information—whether it be the actual content or simply the design—makes whatever you’re offering seem out of touch and unreliable. It can also reflect poorly on the maintenance and upkeep of your brand. 


Usability = Leads

For seamless functionality, good website design is vital. If your website is confusing, slow to load, or overloaded with unnecessary information, potential customers will get lost, and you’ll lose opportunities to convert new business. Making sure your website is easy to navigate and effectively organized lets your customer know exactly where to look to answer their questions; in turn, this provides the greatest potential to convert new leads.


SEO Benefits

Believe it or not, design affects a search engine’s ability to find and crawl through your pages. Good web design—and good designers—will place the most important information above the fold, front and center on the page. Not only does this help your customer know immediately what you offer and how they can get it, but it also helps your SEO. By placing industry- and brand-specific keywords in the appropriate places with the appropriate tags, search engines like Google and Bing will be able to rank your site higher than sites with poor or less efficient design.


Brand Trust and Consistency

Getting to know your ideal customer is the best way to gain and retain business. The easiest way to do this is by making sure your website and its marketing strategy are built to successfully reach the audience most interested in what you have to offer. Ultimately, when a website looks safe and trustworthy, people will want to use it—especially amid the sea of sites and users on the internet that seem much less so.


Do you think your website might need a facelift? Blue Frog Marketing, with offices in both Denver and Des Moines, specializes in website design and SEO services and can help you build your site from the ground up. Our team of expert designers and inbound marketing strategists work together to create a site that is beautiful and functional.

Give us a call at 515.221.2214, or check our website to see our full list of services at


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