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What Should My Business Blog About?

Blogging is one of the fastest, most powerful, ways to increase your business website’s ranking in search engines and build your reputation as an industry leader. HubSpot’s inbound marketing methodology teaches us that quality content is the most valuable offer a business has for a new or potential customer. With that, we turn to blogging about issues our customers have in order to offer them solutions when they search on Google. Adding a business blog allows you to offer information but also add indexed pages and keywords to our website so search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, can find our content and offer it as solutions to search queries. So, where do you start coming up with blog topics? 


1. Tell us about yourself

When you think about blogging topics, you want to aim for something you can meaningfully discuss in 500 – 700 words, and most people can do this quite easily by talking about themselves. Remember that you’re an expert in something: in your position, in your industry, or as an entrepreneur. Blog about it, and show off your skills! 

2. What is your position within your company?

Over the course of your career, the positions you’ve held have probably worked together to build one or more specialties or areas of expertise. Blog about these themes in your career, how they have developed, how they apply to your current company, and how they have fueled your success.

3. What was the last question a client asked you? 

Clients are the best resource for pulling out industry-relevant information you didn’t even realize you knew. Sometimes, you don’t have an answer, and their questions give you the opportunity to research and learn something new. Come up with a helpful answer, develop it out into an easy-to-read (jargon-free), article, and offer it to the world. Since a client has asked you this question, you can assume that it’s also relevant to other people who could potentially become your clients. This is an ideal thing to blog about because questions that clients ask you are likely to be questions that these other people ask Google, and Google’s job is to find helpful answers to users’ questions. 

4. What was the last question a stranger asked you about your job?

No one ever seems to know what a job title really means. The last time you met some distant relative or sparked a conversation with a stranger in the supermarket, what did they ask you when you told them what you do for a living? Strangers point out the best things to consider for blogging about your job because a lot of people don’t really understand what you do, how you do it, or sometimes, why it’s even a job someone pays you to do. Use your blog to explain your position and how it brings value to your company or even offer up a “day in the life…” type of post. People love to take a look into someone else’s experience, and it's easy to write about yourself; it’s a win-win. 

5. What was your last victory?

This is one of my favorite things to write about. There is a moment directly after a victory that you want to call someone and tell them about how awesome you are or your client is or a project turned out, and this is the ideal time to pull up a Word document and write about it. Victory is why we all work, anyway. Victory is what brings us satisfaction in our jobs and in our lives. Take a moment to share the victory and how you achieved it in a "how-to" type of article. Always be sure to save your article and go back to edit it later (preferably the next day); these types of posts that are written in excitement typically need extra editing.

6. What was your last challenge?

While your latest challenge may have ended in a victory, it’s great to document why it was a challenge and how you overcame it. I recently had a client who was struggling with a targeted keyword phrase that was not getting them on the first page of search engine results. Since I had been tracking a big-picture view of their keyword progress, I hadn’t realized this one desirable keyword had fallen off the first page. The challenge presented me with the opportunity to sharpen SEO expertise to learn how to bring them back up the rankings. Since then, I’ve been able to help some of my other clients with similar issues long before they ever noticed them. This type of post is great for industry-related information and solutions to build your reputation as a thought leader in your industry.

7. What was your last piece of advice?

There are few better feelings than when a trusted friend, client, or colleague turns to you for advice. Even if this advice was given on a personal level, odds are, some of what you do professionally carries into your personality and personal life, or you wouldn’t enjoy what you do. Consider the advice you gave and consider if you can tie that back into an industry-relevant piece of advice in the form of a blog post.


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A blog is a great tool to increase your business website’s SEO and become recognized as a thought leader in your field. You’ll find once you dive in that coming up with topics is the hardest part. Start here, and happy blogging!  

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