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7 Reasons You Should Be Blogging

Why Do You Need a Blog?

A blog allows you to write about pretty much any topic you choose and share it with the entire world via the internet. A business blog is often related to the company's industry, products, or services. So, why should you be blogging? Here are 7 great reasons to start today!


  1. When you blog, your website is being consistently updated with relevant, quality content, which Google loves! You don't want your site to become stagnant, and blog is a great way to keep it fresh.
  2. If your whole staff shares blogging responsibilities, they will become much more knowledgeable about your industry through researching and writing about your products and services. This will produce a very well informed, knowledgeable staff, benefitting all aspects of your organization.
  3. A blog provides a company opportunities to interact with others through social media. When you create quality, relevant content, you drastically increase the likelihood of your content being shared through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  4. When you consistently write about relevant industry topics, potential customers and even competitors begin to see you as an expert in your field.
  5. Blogging provides a great platform for creating content that specifically answers questions your potential customers are asking online, which can improve your SEO and appearance in search engine results.
  6. A blog is a great way to introduce and explain new products or offerings
  7. Blogging is cost-effective marketing. When you create a blog, it has a much longer lifespan than a radio or TV commercial or newspaper ad. Each blog you write has an incrementally positive effect on your business. Publishing fresh, quality content is the key to search engine optimization, and there is no better way to keep creating a lot of quality content for your website than by spending a little time blogging!


Does the idea of blogging intimidate you? No worries! Our expert writers can work with you to craft professional content or simply edit content that your team provides for a more polished feel that your site visitors will appreciate. Contact Blue Frog, and we'd be happy to discuss our quality content creation capabilities and how we can help launch a new blog for your company!

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Updated Aug. 3, 2018
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