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Blue Frog Acquires Moth Media

Business Marketing John Campbell Jul 30, 2014 1 min. read

Des Moines, IA – July 30, 2014 - Blue Frog Marketing, a Des Moines firm specializing in core marketing services for both large and small companies, is delighted to announce the acquisition of Moth ...

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Stop Wasting Money With the Yellow Pages!

Social Media John Campbell Apr 7, 2014 3 min. read

  It's that time of year again. The renewal calls for Yellow Pages ads have begun. I've taken those calls for some of our clients, and I'll admit, the sales people are well trained and persistent. ...

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Justifying the Cost of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing John Campbell Mar 3, 2014 2 min. read

Do you view your website as a vital piece of your marketing strategy?  Have you made investing in your online presence a priority? If yes, great! If not, just keep reading. 

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The Commoditization of Commercial Printing

Print Management John Campbell Sep 25, 2013 4 min. read

  Commoditization is defined as the process by which goods that have economic value and are distinguishable in terms of attributes (uniqueness or brand) end up becoming simple commodities in the eyes ...

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Des Moines Commercial Printing vs. Vistaprint

Print Management John Campbell Aug 20, 2013 5 min. read

Commercial Printing is an industry that has unfortunately been comoditized over the years resulting in closures of numerous local businesses. We see it every day as people constantly try to get their ...

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7 Reasons You Should Be Blogging

Inbound Marketing John Campbell Jul 23, 2013 3 min. read

Why Do You Need a Blog? A blog allows you to write about pretty much any topic you choose and share it with the entire world via the internet. A business blog is often related to the company's ...

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Does Inbound Marketing Work?

Inbound Marketing John Campbell Jun 25, 2013 4 min. read

In January, Blue Frog underwent a fundamental change in the way that we do business. After researching HubSpot and the Inbound Marketing philosophy, we decided to not only become a Certified HubSpot ...

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8 reasons why commercial printing isn't dead

Print Management John Campbell Jun 13, 2013 4 min. read

Since the internet first became approved for commercial use (mid 1990's), people have repeatedly predicted the demise of commercial printing. Incorrectly, I might add. Here we are, 2013 and I still ...

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8 Keys to Small Business Marketing

Social Media John Campbell May 21, 2013 3 min. read

Small business marketing is always challenging.  Most small businesses lack a sizeable marketing staff and many do not have a budget that allows for massive marketing campaigns. So how does a small ...

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Sales Focused Marketing

Inbound Marketing John Campbell May 7, 2013 4 min. read

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

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Getting to Page One of Google

Inbound Marketing John Campbell Apr 23, 2013 4 min. read

                      Getting ranked on page 1 of Google searches is the holy grail of SEO.

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Top 10 Reasons you need an inbound marketing strategy today!

Social Media John Campbell Apr 1, 2013 4 min. read

  Inbound Marketing is a philosphy based on attracting people to you rather than using outdated sales techniques, which are often intrusive to potential customers. Inbound marketing is quite simply ...

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