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Developing a Content Marketing Strategy: Infographics

A good content marketing strategy should incorporate a variety of formats, including social media, blogging, and downloadable content offers, to enhance awareness of your brand, attract new and returning website visitors, and give them reason to become customers and even brand ambassadors. Including infographics in your selection of downloadable content gives your audience a simple, time-saving alternative to reading the valuable insight you have to offer them in text form.


Simplifying the Complex

Like eBooks, infographics are value-enhanced pieces of content that can help you generate leads online. Infographics are appealing to many people because they rely much more heavily on graphics than on text. Visuals capture viewers’ attention more easily and help readers retain information. Many sources report that infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than text articles and three times as likely to be shared on social media, so incorporating them into your marketing strategy can have a tremendous impact on the number of people who view your content. 

An infographic is great way to present how-to guides, data comparisons, and other kinds of information that can be especially cumbersome in text-only form. The use of images and graphic design helps readers more quickly and easily understand the information you’re presenting, making it more likely that your audience will be receive your message and better understand it. For illustration, check out this infographic on how to structure an article by Blue Frog. Notice how the use of color emphasizes the important elements of article structure and clearly illustrates the pattern that they follow. For many readers, this format is more inviting and easier to understand than the same information presented as an article, and it’s easily shared with others who could benefit from the information.


Tips for Creating Infographics

When designing infographics, follow these tips to make them eye-catching, engaging, and useful.

  • Keep the design simple, and make generous use of white space to focus viewers’ attention on important elements.
  • Size the infographic to be easily viewable on most screens without too much scrolling down, which can cause readers to lose interest before reaching the bottom.
  • Create a cohesive theme for the infographic; avoid throwing in too much information or losing focus on your main idea.
  • Tie your theme together with an attention-grabbing headline.
  • Cite sources for any statistics that you use. Throwing out statistics without sources can make you sound like a hack who overlooks important details. You can cite sources unobtrusively by listing them in smaller print at the bottom of the page; that way, you won’t clutter the sleek look of your infographic.
  • Make sure your information is current. When you cite sources, pay attention to dates, especially in rapidly evolving industries. If you use outdated information in your marketing materials, consumers will naturally assume your business is not keeping up with the latest advancements.

Would you love to develop engaging infographics for your business but lack the time or available staff to get it done? Let the Blue Frog team help! Our talented graphic designers and professional writers will work together to create a beautiful and educational infographic to share with your online audience. Blue Frog Marketing has offices in Des Moines and Denver and serves clients throughout the U.S. and beyond.

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