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8 Reasons to Use Social Media for Customer Service

Facebook, Twitter and other social sites can be a lot of fun. You can engage with friends and share whatever’s on your mind. However, social media for business is no joke; it’s a serious tool that can either really help or really hurt your brand.

Aside from posting valuable content for your audience and promoting your services, a recent trend in social media for business is using social media for customer service. Major organizations, particularly in the software industry, such as Jama Software and HP, have been quick to adopt social media as a tool that allows customers to get technical. They can take questions and answer them through social media outlets.

Why Customer Service Through Social Media Matters

The link between social media and customer service is paying off for businesses!

  1. A vast majority of consumers today are on social media already, and they turn to the Internet as their primary source of information to find answers to their questions.
  1. Brands are able to build trust and start relationships with customers.
  1. Customers can often get find answers faster on social media than going into a store or calling for customer service.
  1. Social media is transforming the “help desk.”
  1. Social media is FREE. Customers don’t need to be within a certain period of purchase or pay for support.
  1. When people have a good experience with a brand on social media, they are likely to share that experience & recommend that brand, boosting word-of-mouth advertising.
  1. Companies can learn a lot of valuable information about their customers’ problems and needs.
  1. Quality content can be generated from monitoring common questions customers are asking.


Social media is not going to replace customer service. Rather, it combines customer service and social media to be used to your company’s advantage by helping more customers and boosting your reputation in the world of business!

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