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Small Business Social Media Results

What is all the hype about social media for small business really about? Can you actually set up a Facebook page and drive tons of traffic to your company? The answer? Yes, but there are certain businesses that work really well and some that just done.

Does it really make sense that people would naturally follow you on social media?

Good for Social Media







Lawn Care

Not so good for Social Media


Mortgage Companies

Doctors Offices

However, with the right plan of attact any company and can enjoy the benefits of social media. You need to keep the time and investment in check. Some businesses just need an online presence. There are over 1 billion people on Facebook. That doesn’t mean an accountant makes sense to follow. The quality of the content is critical. It must be engaging and exciting no matter the industry. Be consistent and engage with your customers. Watch the clock and keep it in check. If you’re on social media all day long you’re missing the point. Social media should start a conversation that keeps in touch with current customers and allows new ones to learn more about you. This isn’t some lead pages where semi-qualified leads will be emailed to you. It takes work, consistency and time. My business now uses social media for a main form of sales, marking and advertising. We really don’t need to spend much time or money in other areas.  However, you still need to reach out to your network and ask for business. You won’t ever get business just posting. The first step is simply to create a plan and make some goals for your business. Test and measure and keep at it!


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