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The Importance of Quality Content Creation for Websites & Social Media

When you meet someone, you have mere seconds to make a first impression. When your social media post reaches someone, a great impression in minimal time is just as important.

It’s essential to keep in touch with your followers and friends regularly, but not so much as to become an annoyance. And what you communicate can make or break your continuing relationship.

Your social media posts need to engage your readers by being captivating in some way: clever, funny, useful, novel, or educational. Even better, they should be information or content that your readers and followers will share with their own friends or followers, a phenomenon known as “compounding.  This will enable your message to spread far outside your own network without any additional cost or effort!


Make sure that when you’re posting, you think about the following:

  1. Keep in mind keywords for SEO. If your content contains targeted keywords for your client’s business, it’s more likely to appear prominently in search engine queries.
  2. Make sure that your content is perfect and professional; it should convey the standards of professionalism your clients’ potential clients would expect from them.
  3. Stay on top of current events and web trends. Topical items will garner more shares and more likes, which will enhance your clients’ web presence.
  4. Be sure that your posts remain consistent with the overall tone and feel of your clients’ businesses and appeal to their target audiences.
  5. Aim for readability and engagement! Web readers have limited time, and your posts compete for their attention with their friends and family. Make them valuable!


If your posts aren’t engaging, or if they are seen as an annoyance or a hassle, they can have the opposite effect of what you intended, driving fans or potential followers away.

A simple and effective way to gain credibility and enhance your brand’s reputation is to link to quality articles and content that falls in line with your client’s branding. For instance, linking to a notable and renowned culinary magazine’s article on new trends in craft cocktails can enhance the credibility and interest in your small distillery client and might be shared by their followers, compounding the success of your post.

Work to help make your client a resource in its industry, connected and in touch with current trends and notable leaders, to show you are topical, relevant, and in touch with what’s happening NOW. Even if your client is small or new, being connected to existing experts or trendsetters can help establish your brand as a credible and useful resource.

The future of social media is to simultaneously inform, educate, and entertain your client’s target audience – without making them feel “marketed to.” Succeeding at these goals will accomplish the ultimate aim of enhancing your client’s brand and growing its ongoing business.

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