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    Apr 28, 2017

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    5 Creative Ways to Generate More Leads with Inbound Marketing

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    Inbound marketing is all about driving traffic to your website and generating leads by offering visitors quality content and ways to contact your business when they are ready to talk to you. But generating leads doesn’t happen overnight, and what once worked to generate leads may not work forever.

    Check out these five creative ways to generate more leads from your inbound marketing efforts. 


    1. Create Videos to Help Your Prospects

    Everyone loves to turn to YouTube when they need to find out how to do something quickly, so why not use this idea for your potential customers? Make a few great help videos that solve real problems for your prospects so that they can digest the information easily and quickly. Offering videos is a great way to get people interested and wanting to talk to your company.


    2. Make a Quiz

    Creating a quiz can be a fun way to collect more leads. Think about a common problem your business solves, and make it into a quiz where participants provide their contact information in order to see their results. Not only will a quiz provide helpful information for prospects, but it’s also a creative and interactive way to grab their attention.


    3. Create a Helpful Template

    Think of a template you could create that potential customers could download and use for their own benefit. Perhaps it’s a budget template or one like this template we made to help businesses generate more Google reviews. A template is a valuable content offer that people can use over and over again.


    4. Run a Giveaway

    Giveaways are an effective way to generate more leads. Offer a great prize, and create a landing page and social media posts or ads that encourage people to share with their family and friends to get the word out.


    5. Offer a Free Trial

    A free trial may not work for every business, but if you offer a product or service that you’re willing to let people try out for free, you are certain to generate some new leads. Commitment can be scary for a lot of people, especially when it involves a big investment. By offering a free trial, people will feel more inclined to give it a shot and see what your offering is all about.


    While generating leads can take a lot of time and effort, with the right tactics to attract your prospects' attention, you can easily become a lead generating machine! Think about which of these tips would work well for your business, and give them a shot. 

    To learn more about inbound marketing, contact Blue Frog for a free consultation, and find out how our team can help your website become a powerful lead-generating tool.


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