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Blogging Ideas for Law Firms

Law firms are benefiting greatly from inbound marketing efforts today. Inbound strategies for law firms that are highly focused on blogging really help boost new business and create lots of new clients! If you are in the legal industry and wondering why your business should be blogging, listen up! This article is for YOU.

Blogging about the right thing is the key to sparking people’s interest in YOUR firm. However, since lawyers are so busy, it can be hard for them to do marketing online and take the time to generate topics for an active blog.

Here are some effective blogging ideas to consider to help with marketing for law firms:

  1. Address your Clients’ Needs

When working on a law firm blog, think about what your clients’ worries and concerns are. Write blog posts as if you’re giving them advice. Consider the following topic ideas:

  • Common questions potential clients ask during initial conversations
  • Emails you receive from your clients asking for advice
  • The questions your clients SHOULD, but often neglect, to ask
  1. Address Current Events

Make yourself an industry leader through your business blog by reporting on the latest news regarding legal issues, developments and politics. Consider things like:
  • Local or national headlines around legal issues
  • Trending legal topics on social media
  • New legal developments

Be cautious of addressing news that is NOT RELEVANT for your target market. If you can connect a major headline in some way back to the law, do so. Just be sure the information you’re providing is relevant to what you do. This way, people looking for an attorney know they are in the right place.

  1. Consider Different Types of Posts

Here are some different blog post styles that can help give you a more formulaic approach to writing.

  • List Posts: Write about the "top five" reasons, issues, tips, etc. Write about things you think your target market should know about. Readers often enjoy this straightforward, list-style of writing because it it easy to digest.
  • How-to Posts: Think back to a common question you often get about something, such as legal procedures. Write a how-to post that gives your potential clients a simple step-by-step guide.
  • Guest Posts: Invite a law expert to express their helpful knowledge in your blog. This will help keep your blog interesting and diverse.

By writing both interesting posts and posts that highlight your levels of expertise, you will be able to attract more and more visitors to your firm.

Could your law firm use some more help generating website visitors and leads? Strong inbound marketing strategies will allow you to convert strangers to website visitors to potential leads. Interested? Contact Blue Frog Marketing! We provide marketing services in Des Moines and Denver and serve customers from all over!

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