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Closing Sales Through Business Blogging

Have you and your sales team started to notice that consumers do not appreciate your handouts, brochures, postcards, or your sales calls anymore? These methods are not very helpful to consumers, and you are may be wasting a lot of time and money for your business by investing in them.

A more effective way to market to consumers involves continually attracting qualified prospects that are ACTIVELY LOOKING for the type of product or service you offer with the INTENT to make a purchase! You can do this through BLOGGING! 

Blogging is one of the most important components of the inbound marketing strategy, and if you can get your salespeople to start blogging regularly, you will bring in qualified leads and start seeing return on investment!

If you've always wondered about closing sales through business blogging, here are five impressive reasons why your sales team should focus more on creating valuable content, rather than selling. 

  1. Your Salespeople Understand What Prospects Want

Your salespeople are on the frontline of your business. They understand the commonly asked questions by prospects and customers. So, by writing great content that prospects will find extremely helpful, readers will want to learn more. 
  1. They Understand What Prospects Need and WHEN They Need It

Successful blogging involves quality content creation in the present that will resonate with prospects in the very near future. Your salespeople know what your customers start looking for in the fall to prepare for the holidays and can provide valuable information and solutions in a blog to get customers ready for a purchase or investment during an optimal time of year. 
  1. Great Content Makes Your Sales Process & Team Better

A salesperson's goal should be to increase their closing rate, as well as shorten the length of their sales cycle. Helpful content helps salespeople achieve that very goal by educating potential customers who are ready to buy! 
  1. Build Trust Before Selling

In the traditional sales process, a certain element of trust seems to be missing. By writing great content that educates your prospects, you show them your expertise and valuable insight before they even talk to you, which provides them with some trust in your business because you seem to be knowledgeable and helpful.
  1. Eliminate The Competition

If your salespeople start blogging, and start blogging a lot, you will have many more opportunities to be found for different keywords and search topics. This increases the chances of your prospects finding you and should equal more qualified leads and customers! Your competitors won’t stand a chance next to your great content. 

These five points prove why the more you can get your salespeople to blog, the more ROI you will see for your efforts! Give it a shot and we guarantee that you will start seeing more interested prospects are beginning to find you.

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