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8 ZoomInfo Features to Solve Any Business Problem

When you think about ZoomInfo, you likely picture a database full of names, emails, phone numbers, and not much else. While it’s still the leading B2B contact information database, ZoomInfo is no longer so simple. The past months and years have been dedicated to leveraging that industry-best information by applying it to other tools and features to create a full go-to-market platform solution.



Are you tired of trying to read the minds of your prospects to figure out what they’re searching for online? With ZoomInfo, those days are over. ZoomInfo’s Intent feature allows you to hand-select search queries that are pertinent to your sales and marketing cycle and receive real-time updates for companies actively searching for your solution.

For instance, if you’re an employee benefits provider, you’ll likely want to be aware of companies that are actively searching for private healthcare plans. Now, via ZoomInfo’s Intent tool, that information is at your fingertips.



How many times have you reached out to a prospect only to have them say that they wish you’d called two months ago? They need your help, and they’ve got the budget for your solution, but they signed an agreement with a competitor of yours the month prior. Using ZoomInfo’s Scoops tool, you can meet your prospects where they are. From executive changes to facilities expansions and new rounds of funding, there are any number of newsworthy events that occur in an organization that ZoomInfo can make you aware of via Scoops.

If you’ve had success locating qualified prospects, but the timing never seems to be quite right, ZoomInfo’s Scoops tool can help. ZoomInfo no longer provides only the “who” to reach out to but now also the “when".



Would you like to know when decision-makers are evaluating vendors or a prospect is researching solutions to a pain point they’re experiencing? ZoomInfo’s Websights feature allows you to turn your web visitors into prospects.

UI/UX, SEO, and conversion rate optimization are always moving targets; it’s nearly impossible to consistently and accurately predict user behavior. When users come to your site and don’t convert, there’s typically no way to collect their information and continue to nurture them through your sales process. Employing Websights instantly turns any website visitor into a warm prospect by letting you know who they are and what they’ve viewed on your site.



Are you unsure how much and what kind of information you should request on your contact forms, whether all the fields should be mandatory, or whether you’re driving prospects away by asking for too much information?

ZoomInfo’s FormComplete can eliminate these worries. This tool allows you to decrease the number of required fields to increase conversions with the ability to pull full contact profile information to your CRM based on nothing more than your visitor’s email address. It even lets you capture information from abandoned forms that are never fully submitted. FormComplete takes the guesswork out of converting visitors into leads.


ZoomInfo Chat

The goal of your website is to be as interactive and engaging as possible to convert your visitors into eventual leads. A great way to do this is via a chatbot or live chat feature. The problem, however, is that finding out who you’re chatting with and fully qualifying them can be a long process. As we know, the longer the process, the lower the conversion rate.

ZoomInfo Chat pairs the capabilities of the leading B2B contact database with the advanced capabilities of a live chat feature. When your team interacts with a site visitor, they have a comprehensive visitor profile cheat sheet so they can know exactly who they’re chatting with and eliminate steps in the lead conversion process, making it faster and easier.

On top of this, Chat also has fully programmable chatbot capabilities to automate the process and customize interactions based on your visitors’ inputs. The only thing better than advanced live chat features is being able to automate the process for added efficiency and scalability.



Sales cadence creation has always felt like more of an art than a science. Should I call twice, then connect via social app, then email? What is the best day or time to interact with our target prospects? Who is even opening these messages or taking our calls? ZoomInfo’s Engage platform is a full-scale sales engagement platform that provides third-party analytics to guide how and when you’re interacting.

Once you’ve honed your sales cadences, the biggest hurdle is scaling the operation. You may know it’s best to call between 1:00 and 2:00 on Monday and Thursdays, but you haven’t got the time to be clicking around to multiple CRM contact profiles, isolating the proper phone number, dialing, and making your calls. Engage provides fully automated prospect dialing by creating task queues, using the power of ZoomInfo to provide up-to-date contact information, and auto-dialing so you can scale your approach and make your calls when they count.



Any sales record that is missing even a single piece of information should be considered incomplete. Often, a contact record will have (if you’re lucky) a correct first name, last name, phone number, and email address. While that’s a good start, there’s so much more to this contact’s story. What size of company do they work in? Are they the main decision-maker, or are there employees above them in the organizational chart? What technologies is this contact currently using? These are key strategic data points that must be considered when crafting your approach to a prospect.

Even if you initially have correct, in-depth contact information, think about how much of that information changes in just one year. If you’re not proactively identifying and eliminating this bad data, you’ll soon have a list full of bad addresses. A contact database full of bad information is a problem that affects every facet of your organization.

ZoomInfo’s Enrich tool is here to save the day. Manual data collection and validation is a costly, time-consuming process. Enrich connects to your CRM and constantly runs in the background not only to supplement new information but also to validate and ensure the viability of your dated contact records. This tool ensures that your contact information is always complete, correct, and actionable for your team.



Harnessing the power of data to optimize and refine processes is the only way to quickly and sustainably improve performance. Unfortunately, conversations are difficult to track and quantify, leaving a lack of supporting data. Some people are good at selling and some are not; sales conversations aren’t standardized.  

Chorus is a conversation intelligence platform that flips that thinking on its head. This tool analyzes prospect interactions to identify behaviors that are driving success, providing a path forward for improving organizational interactions. Are sales reps talking too much and not allowing prospects to feel heard? Is your team not mentioning budget in qualifying conversations and wasting time on prospects that can’t afford your solution? Are prospects constantly mentioning one competitor that you’re consistently losing out to? Chorus can measure performance and deliver recommendations to guide your team to maximize sales processes.

ZoomInfo is no longer just a contact database. The company has leveraged this foundation of strong data to build a full platform solution that can benefit every facet of your organization. From ensuring constant data accuracy to capturing every lead that visits your website, ZoomInfo has a solution for the sales problems you’re facing. Explore Blue Frog’s ZoomInfo page to learn more about this platform and how we can put it to work for you today.



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