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ZoomInfo and HubSpot: Make Data Your Superpower

Your organization’s data may often seem like buried treasure: you know there is a fortune somewhere out there, but it feels impossible to find, and you’re not even sure where to start looking. How do you know what information is valuable and what isn’t? How do you know where to find the good nuggets?

Rather than wading through a tunnel of seemingly never-ending information, you can take proactive steps to turn this esoteric, abstract concept that is “data” into your business’s most valuable tool. Selecting the tools best suited to converting raw data into usable and actionable information is imperative. HubSpot allows you to structure data in a way that is easy to use, while ZoomInfo continually enriches and updates information to ensure you have a holistic view of your prospects and customers.


Mind Reading: Comprehensive Organizational Insights

Knowing who you’re contacting greatly influences how you contact them. Do they use a service that competes with or complements what you’re selling? Is your main point of contact an individual contributor, necessitating that you sell their supervisor as well? If you’re a managed services IT provider, wouldn’t you like to know how large your prospect’s internal tech department is? ZoomInfo can feed your CRM with all-encompassing, actionable contact and company data to guide your marketing and sales activities when engaging prospects.

Any sales or marketing rep should know how to use the information at their disposal to shape and steer a conversation with their prospect. Too often, reps spend much of their time digging into company news articles and scouring individuals’ LinkedIn profiles to glean information wherever they can. What’s the result of all this manual research? A lot of wasted time. The average sales rep spends only about 35% of their time selling. While researching prospects is an important practice, ZoomInfo provides your team with a central snapshot of the data found in all these locations, and it provides much data that cannot be found anywhere else.


X-Ray Vision: Advanced Segmentation

The comprehensive contact and company profiles that ZoomInfo provides enable you to employ advanced segmentation strategies within HubSpot. By using the firmographic and technographic data available via ZoomInfo, your team can create ultra-granular campaigns focused on specific technologies, the organization’s number of locations, or even the prospect’s insurance provider.

Once you have these lists, your team can create and run campaigns focused on single talking points. Rather than throwing out potential pain points your prospects may be experiencing or solutions they may or may not be looking for, your team can now know exactly who they’re communicating with and specifically tailor content to the prospects’ individual issues.

Understanding precisely what your prospect is experiencing and delivering a solution to their doorstep not only improves open rates and conversion rates; it also creates an easier conversation for your team. Your reps no longer have to cold call and fly blind. Thanks to these hyper-segmented lists, they can know exactly who they’re speaking to and how they can help. This is an extremely powerful tool to have in your sales and marketing arsenal.


Super Speed: ZoomInfo and HubSpot Workflows

Responding to leads in a timely manner is of utmost importance. According to a study from InsideSales, “50% of buyers choose the vendor that responds first.”. Furthermore, “The odds of the lead entering the sales process, or becoming qualified, are 21 times greater when contacted within five minutes versus 30 minutes after the lead was submitted.”

With so many moving pieces within your organization, how can you ensure leads are handled quickly? The answer is simple: automation. According to research from the Annuitas Group, businesses using marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.

Automation is a simple concept based on complex structures that are continually working in harmony. Let’s take a look at how the standard manual process works today:

  1. A lead fills out a form on your website.
  2. A marketing/sales development rep is notified.
  3. The representative manually verifies the information.
  4. The lead is passed to a sales rep.
  5. The sales rep reaches out to lead.

This multi-step process makes it nearly impossible to accept the lead, ensure it gets to the proper sales team, and reach out to the contact within the ideal 5-minute window.

You can solve this problem by pairing ZoomInfo with HubSpot. With these systems working in tandem, you can automatically verify and enrich a contact based on web form information, send an automated follow-up email to schedule a discovery call, and notify the necessary sales rep. This eliminates manual steps where errors can be made and streamlines the process to ensure the contact is engaged immediately.


Superintelligence: Standardized Information Across Systems

How many times have you noticed that a contact in your CRM, accounting software, and project management system has their name spelled three different ways with four different phone numbers? How do you know which is right and which you should trust? The muddling of data across systems has long caused headaches for teams. By combining HubSpot’s advanced integration capabilities with ZoomInfo’s industry-leading informational accuracy, you can feed all systems in your organization with accurate and actionable data.

When constructing your data architecture, it's imperative to determine which system will serve as your single source of truth. With HubSpot’s advanced and far-reaching integration capabilities, it’s a natural fit for this purpose. While having your CRM plugged into all other systems is great, the CRM feeding them is only as good as the data within it. This is where ZoomInfo comes in. By plugging ZoomInfo into HubSpot, you can always be sure your data is the highest possible quality before it’s pushed into your other systems.


Data is an extremely powerful tool, but it is very easy to get lost wading through the endless information available. By pairing two powerful systems like ZoomInfo and HubSpot, you place trustworthy data at your team’s fingertips, enabling your processes to operate smoothly and efficiently. For more tips on marketing your business, subscribe to the Blue Frog blog!

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