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Why Blue Frog Uses Inbound Marketing

If you have been to our website, seen our messages on one of our social media platforms, or you have spoken to someone from the Blue Frog Marketing Team, you have seen that we preach how great the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software is. Inbound marketing has been a growing trend over the past few years, but now inbound marketing is the HOTTEST marketing trend for businesses. Because it is a newer marketing philosophy, you may not exactly understand what the HubSpot software does for us and our customers. Continue reading to see how inbound marketing drives sales and why else we use it.

What is HubSpot? HubSpot is a fully integrated website command station that allows you to make edits to your site, review detailed analytics, create content, blog, schedule social media messaging and interact with your followers, measure SEO page rankings and keywords, and most importantly... track and convert sales leads!

Content Creation- When you migrate your site to HubSpot’s hosting, you get their content management system (CMS). This tool allows you to create, edit and optimize content on your website; taking away the costly, sometimes time-consuming process of paying a developer to make edits to your pages. HubSpot makes it very simple to optimize your website for your visitors and search engines.

Detailed Analytics- or in other words, Return On Investment. Seeing where people are finding your business is important. Are they seeing your social media messages? Are they manually entering your URL? Did they search for a keyword in Google and somehow find your website? HubSpot allows you to see this. It's kind of scary how great the analytics are! With detailed analytics, you can change up your marketing strategy to help get your business found.

Blogging- Hey, you're reading this blog now! Blogging creates 55% more website traffic. Therefore, HubSpot has included a blogging component within the software to help optimize your blog to get found. The software will tell you where you should add keywords and it's really simple to add Call-To-Actions. Best of all, your blog gets published to your website and all of your connected social media accounts. 

Social Media- is time consuming! We use HubSpot, because there is a scheduler within that makes it very easy to write one message and then send it to all of your accounts at a predetermined date/time. HubSpot also suggests times to post to get the most impressions. The COOLEST part of the HubSpot Social Media is the "Monitoring" capability. Type in your keywords into a box and once someone tweets something that includes those keywords, you will receive an email and then then you can reach out to them.

SEO & Keyword Analysis- By using the Keyword Grader and SEO editing features, you can help plan a strategy to get found through search engines and referring links. Grade your website’s targeted keywords based on difficulty, rank, popularity and relevance to your business or brand. Track which keywords increase or decrease in rankings to see where you need to create content around. 

Email Marketing- With email templates and easy to design, your email marketing campaigns will be taken to the next level. Simply add your contacts list to send to or send your email to specific types of people. 

Drum roll please... LEAD GENERATION- Prospect and Lead Tracking/Conversion is probably the most groundbreaking feature of HubSpot. With the CMS and online forms you can create on your pages, you can successfully capture warm sales leads instead of relying on old school outbound marketing tactics. You can literally see where your interested web visitors went, how they interacted with the site and when they came; giving you invaluable prospect and lead data for you to send them more information to work them down the marketing funnel, or you can contact them to have a conversation.

We suggest using HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software to anyone who is interested in new media and fresh tactics to get sales leads. No matter who you are or what industry for whom you work, you can’t ignore the effectiveness and ease HubSpot creates for those who are serious about online sales and revenue.

At Blue Frog, we offer mini inbound marketing packages to suit your specific needs and we also offer the full inbound marketing service. Click on the button below to fill out the form and we will reach out to you to talk more about inbound marketing for your business!

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