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What is the Expected Social Media Response Time?

What is the expected social media response time for business? 10 minutes. Yes, you have 10 minutes to respond to your fans question, comment, like etc. People are online 24/7 and the world isn’t going to wait for you to get out of that meeting, lunch break or even customer service call. We have entered an age of fast response and an I want it now mentality. So, the question becomes how does any sane person respond to all that noise?

1. Have Several Admins on your Business Pages.

A comment just hit your Facebook page and you have ten minutes to respond. What are you going to do? Just make sure you have several people checking in on the page. There is no way one person could see all the comments and handle them timely. Build a team of social media responders so you don’t miss the importance sale message. This is why a lot of people miss the ROI on social media.

2. Set notifications for the Right Responses.

Buzz, Beep, Ding!!! You can easily set up too many notifications for your social media. Every time something happens you get an email. You need to stop that madness right now! Put social media where it belongs. Hint…not your inbox. Create a gatekeeper with your email. Log in daily to each of the platforms that you use. You don’t need to know every time someone posts what they had for lunch. Learn your settings and notifications and use them wisely.

3. Keep it in Perspective.

So, you missed the sales question on your Facebook page. Does that really matter? Yes and no. You can’t possibly read and tweet everything that comes into your newsfeeds. Most customers understand that the best way to reach you is from your website. Make sure you post that from time to time. You have to get your products or service out the door. You can’t always be online.

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