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Negative Comment on Facebook Business Page

What if someone posts a negative comment about my business on my Facebook page?

The number one concern I hear from business owners is about negative comments on their business Facebook page. Everyone is worried that this will have damage their business endlessly. Friends, this isn’t like being on the news with a mugshot. This is such a small problem you don’t really need to worry about this.

Here are 5 reasons why you can stop worrying.

  1. 96% of your fans will never go back to your page. This means they only see the posts that you create. If someone posts on your page only the admin of the page will see it.
  2. 18% of your fans will see any given post. Yes, that is right! So, any post you make will reach a very small number of people. If the comment is attached to your post even then, just a few people will see.
  3. Be a customer service superstar. So, someone is unhappy with you. That is business. It’s not personal, necessarily but it is just part of the beast. Address the concern publically and make it visible. Most reasonable people will love you for it. It isn’t hard to provide great customer services these days, because so much of it is so bad.
  4. Delete & Ban- Yes, there are some people that need to be removed from your page, never to return. The jerks just don’t deserve your time and attention.
  5. Have several admins on the page. You need more than one person monitoring your Facebook and social media pages. This isn’t a one man job.

Social media is meant to be away to express yourself and share your world with other people. It isn’t about taking up your time or your money. It is an expression. So, dive on in and join the conversation.

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