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What do Inbound Marketing and a baby have in common?

Baby, inbound marketing- what can they possibly have in common you ask? Believe it or not they actually have quite a few similarities. If you have not heard of inbound marketing, I encourage you to take a look at our website, to familiarize yourself with this fast growing marketing approach. For those of you already aware of inbound marketing, let's begin with the comparison.

1. Nine months to 'be born'-  Ok, we all know it takes 9 months for a baby to be born, but were you aware of the timeframe for inbound marketing to take hold and become effective? Some people expect marketing to be like a light switch where you flip it on and it immediately begins working. This is not the case with inbound marketing. Creating the marketing strategy can take a month or more with a client, followed by creating the website which can require another couple months. With inbound marketing your website is an integral component, so it is very important to devote proper time and attention to this aspect of the process. Now grant it, you may see results from your inbound marketing efforts before the nine month mark, but nine months is a good mark.
2. It takes 2 (parents)- HubSpot was formed by Brian Halligan (CEO)  & Dharmesh Shah (CTO) six years ago, and is the worlds #1 inbound marketing platform. Here at Blue Frog we are proud to be a certified Hubspot partner.
3. Planning- My wife and I have 3 kids and there was some planning that went into having each one; which room will they get, what time of year should they be born, names, etc.... The same can be said for inbound marketing. You have to plan your marketing strategy before you can begin with the new website, social media and blogs. If you try to implement pieces of your inbound marketing strategy before planning, it could be trouble.
4. They grow quickly- We all know how fast babies grow. It is not uncommon for them to outgrow clothes after only wearing it one or two times. When implemented and executed correctly, your inbound marketing strategy will grow quickly too. At Blue Frog we have seen steady increases in our social media followers, website traffic and leads. One area we have seen tremendous growth is keywords. When we started inbound marketing in February we were nowhere to be found with keywords. Currently we have 23 keywords ranked in the Top 3, and 47 keywords ranked in the Top 10. 
5. They are the future- I am going to go old school on you here, but remember the first line of Whitney Houston's 'Greatest Love of All'? If not, let me help you, "I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way." The same can be said for inbound marketing. The future of sales and marketing is inbound marketing. The day will come when CEO's, CMO's, business owners and marketing professionals realize traditional outbound advertising is no longer a fit for today's buyers. Those that accept that first, will be well ahead of their competition and hard (if not impossible) to catch.
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