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4 Steps to Inbound Marketing Success in Denver

Inbound marketing is an invaluable tool.  Not only is it less expensive than traditional forms of marketing, it’s also more effective. Here are the 4 steps your business needs to take in order to achieve success using inbound marketing.

  1. Attract.

The first step in the inbound marketing process is to attract people to your website. This can be done in a few different ways.

Keywords for SEO – One of the easiest ways to attract people to your website is by utilizing SEO (search engine optimization). This is done by placing keywords you’re customers would be searching for in your website. For example, if your company is a dog groomer in Denver, your website should contain the words “dog groomer” and “Denver”, because that is what people will be searching for if they live in Denver and need their dog groomed. Don’t go overboard though. Having the keywords or phrases on your website a few times is sufficient. This is just one example to help you with your Denver SEO. 

Blogging – Blogging is also an easy way to take advantage of SEO. The topics of your blogs can center around specific keywords or phrases that people might be searching for at that time and bring them to your website. Blogs are helpful because you can change focus sometimes without needing to change the focus of your entire website. They also help your company become an established expert in your field. For example, the dog groomer may blog about tips for training your dog. This isn’t their business, but it does help them look like established experts in canine care. People are more likely to do business with places that gain their confidence and trust by appearing as experts.

Social media – Social media can and should be incorporated into your inbound strategy. You can easily use the different platforms to bring people to your website. You can also use it to send people to your blog as soon as you write a new one. Contests and calls to action done via social media can also be very successful. Using this practice for Denver Social Media maybe different than using it for Des Moines Social Media. 


  1. Convert.

Once people go to your website, you want to convert them into customers. A good way to do this is by exchanging value for information. Basically this means offering them something in return for a way to contact them. For example, the dog groomer may have an offer for a free cut if you give your email address. This allows the business to have a relationship with people that visit their website. You can then email them with special offers to try and convert them into a customer.


  1. Close.

Once you get a potential customers information, make sure you follow up with them afterwards. Make sure they know what your business is and how you can help them. A good way to do this is to send an occasional emails with information on your field, and a call to action or special offer. The dog groomer might send an email about how to brush your dog, and then have an offer for a free brush out. The goal is to remain top of mind and make sure people think of your company when they need something in your field.


  1. Delight!

As most people know, it costs a lot more to get new customers than it does to keep existing ones. You worked hard to get those customers – make sure you keep them! Try to under promise and over deliver when possible. Turn your customers into promoters and advocates of your brand.


There are a number of different things involved when it comes to inbound marketing, and it can become overwhelming. If you need help with this, contact Blue Frog.  We offer Denver Inbound Marketing or Social Media Marketing in Denver to any business in need. We realize there are many Denver Social Media Marketing Companies but we offer an actual plan to help you become successful. Let us help you create a social media marketing sales funnel Denver to inhance your success.

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