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    Kelsey Halverson

    Sep 29, 2016

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    Your Breakdown of the Latest Social Media App Updates



    Snapchat may soon be your go-to app for move tickets. The photo-sharing app may be moving close to a more regular ticket buying experience. It’s been announced that Fandango is working on software to interface with Snapchat. In the future, if you see a cool trailer for a movie on the platform, you might just be able to click it and buy tickets directly from the app. This isn’t the fist time these companies have teamed up, but it's first talk of a permanent partnership.


    Twitter twitter-9.jpg

    Social media managers around the world rejoiced when Twitter rolled out the changes to the character limit it had announced earlier in the year. The 140-character limit still applies, but some of the things that ate up valuable characters such as picture and video attachments, quoted tweets, and GIFs will no longer count toward the limit.



    YouTube stepped up its game with the new “Community” tab for creators. This gives them the ability to send text, live videos, images, and GIFs to their fans in between video uploads in real time. Viewers can see creators' posts in the Subscriptions feed on their phones and can also opt into getting a notification anytime their favorite creators post.    



    Another small glimmer of light for social media managers was Instagram’s update. Instagram released a new feature allowing you to save posts as drafts. You have to have begun editing the photo in order to save it as a draft. Nevertheless, it’s still a huge step in the right direction.



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