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Start Running Facebook Lead Ads Within HubSpot

If you’re a HubSpot user, you may have noticed that under the content tab in your dashboard, there’s now a tool called "ads." This is not the HubSpot Ads add-on that costs $100/month, but rather, this is a FREE tool that allows you to run Facebook lead ads right in HubSpot!

Facebook leads ads allow you to collect leads directly from your ads. It was built specifically for B2B companies but works for a wide variety of companies and industries. In the past, it was difficult for HubSpot users to run lead ads on Facebook because it was a big pain to import the leads collected from Facebook into HubSpot. With the new HubSpot ads tool, this is no longer an issue!


Why should you start using leads ads?

It’s a fact that Facebook has nearly 2 billion monthly users (with business owners among them), so it’s one of the best ways to reach people online. Furthermore, the majority of the time people are spending on Facebook is on mobile devices, and mobile marketing can be hard! With lead ads, marketers get access to Facebook’s AI targeting and massive audience of users.


What can you do with lead ads in HubSpot? 

1. Create Ads

You’ll have the option to set up a Facebook ad in HubSpot. You can create the ad, set the targeting and budget, and your ad will start showing to your selected audience. You don’t even have to have a current Facebook ads account to use the tool!

2. Sync Leads

All of the leads generated from your leads ads will sync directly into HubSpot, allowing you to immediately start nurturing these leads as they come in, which also increases the chances of closing those leads.

3. Reporting

You can measure the success of your leads ads by viewing basic reports for your ads right in HubSpot. This report will show the reach of your ads, the number of leads generated, and any customers that you may have converted.

It’s clear that there is real value in Facebook lead ads, and being able to run them directly on HubSpot makes them even more powerful!

If you are alaready HubSpot user but could use some help managing your inbound marketing strategy, contact Blue Frog today!


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