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Is Social Media for Law Firms more Valuable than a Website?

If someone was looking for a law firm, should they do a Google search or turn to social media?

Searching for a Lawyer on Google

If your law firm has a website, people may be able to find you with a simple Google search (if your website is optimized!), but users understand that a website is only one way to get information about a business. Clients today want information about attorneys from sources other than the attorneys themselves before they decide whom to hire.

So where are more people turning to find law firms today? Social media.

Using Social Media to Find an Attorney

People are posting to their social media accounts, or having their friends and family post to their profiles, asking for recommendations for law firms. Social media is helping people to find good law firms because they trust their friends’ recommendations and prefer recommendations over a website.

When a user tags a law firm when posting the firm’s name, then friends are able to click through to the law firm’s Facebook page and get all the information they need.

How a law firm represents itself online outside of a website, like on social media, is a huge factor in how people perceive how effective, knowledgeable, and up to date the firm is. Online marketing for law firms is invaluable to the success of any firm today.

The Power of a Personal Recommendation

Google tells potential clients that a law firm is good because it says so on their website. Social media helps people find a good law firm because people tell them the firm is good.

People may be searching on Google for a law firm, but if your website isn’t optimized, it’s unlikely to even show up in a search. Only 0.78% of people click into sites on the second page of Google search results! 

Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to get business, and being on social media and having an active blog helps your content get shared and spread to others!

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