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How Call Tracking Benefits Your Business

Dynamic marketing campaigns are integral for growing your business and your customers. Using a cohesive online marketing strategy, you will employ multiple marketing platforms to attract leads, but how can you tell which campaign(s) generate the most calls to your business?

While you may be able to tell which campaign(s) generate the greatest number of clicks, leads, etc., it’s often very helpful to know how many people have actually picked up the phone and called your business directly after interacting with an online campaign, as these leads are generally warm! With a call tracking system, you can do just this. 

How Does Call Tracking Work?

With a call tracking system, you’re able to assign unique phone numbers to each of your marketing campaigns. Each number will then go directly through to your main business number. Call tracking allows you to compare the phone traffic generated from each number so you can discover which marketing strategies are generating the most interest and producing the best results and which are getting less response. This will help you to strengthen your online strategies by focusing your time and energy on what works rather than spending time on strategies that aren't capturing the attention of your target market. 

How do You Implement a Call Tracking System?

It’s quite simple to install a call tracking system. If you've partnered with a marketing agency that offers call tracking, then you can let them put everything in place for you. Otherwise, you can find several call-tracking services online, and phone numbers can often be set up in just five minutes. You choose a tracking numbers using your local area code and purchase as many as you need to monitor your various campaigns and get a clear picture of what’s driving your leads to call your company directly. 

What Are the Benefits of Call Tracking?

Call tracking empowers you to optimize the performance of your marketing campaigns by providing key data to help you understand the ROI of each. Some of the most valuable call tracking metrics include

  • Number of calls generated
  • Length of each call
  • Date, time, and origin of each call
  • Landing page performance tracking
  • Tracking of conversions from each campaign

In addition to these metrics, call tracking systems also offer services such as call recording, instant email notifications, and Google Analytics and AdWords integration!


Call Tracking with Blue Frog

At Blue Frog, we can fully set up and manage a new call tracking system for your business using CallRail! If you’re ready to get a call tracking system going for your business, contact us today!

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