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Consumers and Businesses Love Print Marketing

Is print marketing dead? This question has been asked over the past few years in the marketing world since the explosion of new technology, Internet, and social media has taken over our lives. Many businesses have taken their marketing efforts online to cut costs and distribute information conveniently. However, print marketing is more powerful now than ever precisely because it's a welcome change from the fast-paced Internet world we inhabit.

Let's take a closer look on why consumers and businesses love print marketing.


1. It's tangible.

All print marketing pieces are physical things. Whether that's a post card, booklet, brochure, or a promotional item, your potential customers can touch them! Whether you're B2B or B2C, people enjoy having that tangibility. It's easier to mechanically delete an unread special offer email without glancing at it than to throw away an offer recieved in the mail. 


2. It's attenion-grabbing.

We have grown to block out spam emails and annoying pop-up advertisements, fast forward through TV commercials, and change radio stations when a commercial comes on. Print marketing grabs the attention of consumers and gets them to slow down and actually read what they're holding. 


3. It's uncommon.

With more and more businesses taking their marketing efforts online, print marketing now has an advantage. Again, think about how often and how quickly you check your email, and then consider the daily ritual of going to the mailbox and checking your postal mail. You set aside a few moments to look at every piece of mail before going back to whatever it was you were doing before. That means the print materials are likely to receive extra attention, especially if they look unique.

No matter how crucial digital marketing becomes, there is still a large audience to reach through print marketing and direct mail campaigns.


4. You can give it a personal touch. 

Print marketing allows your business to add a personal touch to all of your pieces. By adding a consumer's name or a business name to your marketing piece, you catch their attention a little bit easier.


5. It can draw leads to your website.

Let's not forget about that beautiful website that you recently had developed to convert leads into customers. Utilizing the inbound marketing philosophy in your print materials gives you another way to attract potential leads to your website.

Most print marketing strategies include a call-to-action. Why not call on your readers to head over to your website to learn more? You already have their attention.


6. Print allows people to unplug.

More and more, people are actively choosing to unplug, or disconnect themselves from digital media. People are remembering how refreshing it can be to turn off their phones and TVs and engage with printed material.  


7. Print still excites people.

When is the last time you got excited about a happy birthday e-card? There is still something exciting about the small things in life, like birthday cards and letters arriving in the mail. 


8. Print enhances your credibility.

Print marketing has a greater air of legitimacy than online advertising. The abundance popups and banner ads that may carry viruses or promote shady businesses that might not be there next week makes online users righfully skeptical. Recipients of print material have nothing to lose by reading it except a little bit of their time, and a physical printed piece makes a business seem more real to the reader.


Are you ready to be cool again? Talk to Blue Frog about your business goals, and we will work with you on developing a print marketing campaign to win your potential leads' hearts over.

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