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3 Tips to Becoming a Remarkable Des Moines Small Business

“Nothing is so common as the desire to be remarkable.”― William Shakespeare

As a business owner, you started your small business to provide an amazing product or service. At first this is fairly straightforward with a few customers but as your business grows you start to realize that 24 hours in the day isn’t enough. As you strategically add people to your team your role changes. Instead of delivering the service you’re managing your team, sales, marketing and accounting. You end up with so much on your plate, and you lose touch of that original goal of providing an amazing product or service.

What’s your process?

The best way to build an extraordinary business is by putting processes in place. You can communicate with your team how you want things done and how to deliver the best product or service possible. We see examples of exceptional companies like Apple, Zappos and Amazon revolutionizing their industries but what your industry? Are you really focused on improving your process? Let’s be honest, most small businesses simply don’t have the time to work on their business instead of in their business. This is why we have become used to poor service and cheaply made products. So, how can you drive your business to become extraordinary? Use these three tips to get started.

3 Tips to Becoming a Remarkable Small Business

1. Customer Service should be the #1 priority.
2. Share success stories to everyone on your team.
3. Understand how you get sales.

Customer service is one of those terms that used a lot, but it's rarely delivered. Poor response times, long waits and untrained staff are all apart of it. However, if you take the time to create a customer service process and truly live it; it will become a part of your company culture. Plus, we are human and at the end of the day if you apologize for your error and make it right it goes a long way.

Sharing success stories and celebrating those successes is critical. Employee moral has a lot to do with success. Highlighting a team that did a great job on that last project or even having an employee spotlight helps. Meeting regularly to keep the team on the same page will also keep those positive stories going around.

Our philosophy, at Blue Frog Marketing, is creating remarkable content to share online for our clients. We have certainly run across a few small businesses that don’t have a remarkable product or service. Ultimately, nothing will put a company out of business faster if they have an active marketing plan and poor product or service. When you are driving traffic to your door and not converting leads, you have a whole in your marketing funnel. Frankly, most companies don’t even track the lead conversion, so they don’t know where the work is really coming from or how many leads they convert. We want to encourage you to keep this simple and manageable. For example, start by tracking the number of phone calls with a simple tally system for your leads, sources and conversion for one week.

Leads: 27

Sources: 5 Radio, 7 TV, 15 Website

Converted: 14

= 52% Conversion Ratio

The conversion ratio shows you a base score to start focusing your marketing efforts. Once you truly understand where your customers are coming from you can build a strong team, performing quality work with great service. 

Do you have a remarkable company? Do you struggle with processes and tracking? Leave your comments below in our blog!

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