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Where Do I Start Marketing for My Business?

Before you jump in and start working with a marketing agency, try your best to establish some solid answers to the following questions. Don’t rush through them. Think about each one carefully. The more specific and in depth your answers are and the more research you have to back them up, the better the marketing agency you choose to work with will be able to take your business in the right direction and help you reach your long-term goals.


What are your long-term and short-term business goals?

You're the one who understands your business goals better than anyone else. Don’t assume you’ll come up with a perfect, comprehensive explanation on the spot, however. Spend some time thinking about where you want your business to head over the next several years and what you want to accomplish. Be as specific with your goals as you can. When you’re ready to start working with a marketing agency, you can be direct and give them a clear plan of action rather than nonspecific goals that could result in several different outcomes. Your new marketing team will better be able to help you achieve your goals if they know exactly what they are.

Example: If one of your long-term business goals is to increase online sales, then some of your short-term goals may be to increase online advertising, optimize your website, and produce additional marketing pieces to distribute to potential customers.


Who is your buyer?

This is another question you’ll likely be asked. Your marketing strategy will be largely based on of specific buyer personas, semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers based on research and facts about your actual customers. Once your buyer personas are established, your marketing team will tailor content, offers, messages, and services directly to that particular audience—your target audience.

Example: If you own a remodeling company, one of your buyer personas could be a woman in her 40s or 50s who is established and ready to update her house to make it nicer. Your marketing strategy will be geared toward reaching this person where she is, giving her the option to conveniently take advantage of your services.


Where is your buyer?

Your marketing strategy should be geared toward reaching your buyers where they are. Is your target audience on social media? If so, which platforms? Are your buyers finding you primarily online, through print advertising, or referrals? Do most of your leads come from your website or by phone? By establishing where your buyer is on or offline and targeting your marketing campaigns to reach them in the right places, you’ll attract more qualified prospects.


A professional marketing agency can help lead you to where you want to be. If you’re ready to work with a marketing team to build your online presence and customer base, contact Blue Frog Marketing! We have offices in Des Moines, Iowa, Denver, Colorado, and Huron, Ohio, and work with customers across the country.

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