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What to Look for in Inbound Marketing Software

Inbound marketing is a popular way to market these days, and for good reason—it WORKS! But with so many brands of inbound marketing software available, how do you know how to choose the right one for your business? Use this checklist when shopping for inbound marketing software so you make the best decision possible!

Inbound Marketing Software Checklist


1. Reporting Capabilities 

When it comes to inbound marketing, data is crucial. You need to be monitoring your traffic, leads, keywords, competitors, conversion rates, and more on a regular basis. Be sure the software you choose is data driven with extensive reporting capabilities.


2. Prospect Lifecycle Capabilities 

Inbound marketing is all about guiding prospects to become leadsand nurturing leads into sales. It is highly valuable to be able to track the lifecycle of your leads to see what tools in your inbound process helped convert those prospects into leads and closed those leads into sales.


3. Automation Capabilities

Because lead nurturing is such a huge part of inbound marketing, you must be able to set up lead-nurturing workflows in your software system. And not only lead nurturing workflows, but other automated workflows to help you organize your contacts and make sense of the data you’re collecting.


4. User Friendly 

This may seem obvious, but there are a lot of inbound marketing software systems available that are simply not very easy to use and navigate. Be sure that the software you choose is known for its ease of use so it helps streamline your work rather than causing more hassle. HubSpot is known for being extremely user friendly.


5. Integrations

With so many amazing apps available today, you’ll likely want to integrate some of these other platforms with your inbound marketing software. Do some research around the software systems you’re considering, see how many integrations they offer, and make sure the apps that are most important to you are compatible.


6. All in One

Inbound marketing requires a lot of effort with multiple marketing tools, such as blogging, posting to social media, sending out emails, organizing your contact data base, and more. It can be a big pain if you have to do your blogging in WordPress, your social posting in Sprout or Hootsuite, send your emails through MailChimp, etc. We highly recommend an all-in-one inbound platform where you can carry out all these activities right in one place and collect all the data in one place as well.

Here at Blue Frog, we’re proud to use HubSpot as our inbound marketing software to run countless inbound campaigns for businesses of all industries! HubSpot checks the box on every item in this list, and you can leave it to us to run it for you!

To learn more about our inbound marketing process with HubSpot, schedule a free consultation today!

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