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Using Smart CTAs to Boost Your Inbound Marketing Results

Calls to action are among the most important tools when it comes to inbound marketing. CTAs direct people to take specific actions on your website and promote your landing page offers to help gain leads. But if you want to take CTAs to the next level, smart CTAs allow you to customize the experience that visitors, leads, and customers have on your website.


What Are Smart CTAs?

Smart CTAs can be built in HubSpot with a Professional or Enterprise account and are an effective way to show the right message to the right person at the right time. Smart CTAs are dynamic, meaning that their content can change so that not all visitors see the same thing.


Benefits of Smart CTAs

The dynamic nature of smart CTAs gives them several benefits, including the following:


1. They improve user experience.

Websites that cater to visitors’ specific needs perform much better because the content seems to be handpicked just for them. Smart CTAs allow you to customize the user experience on your website so that only relevant information is shown, keeping your visitors interested and engaged on your website.


2. They boost conversion rates.

The more personalized your messaging is, speaking directly to visitors’ needs and wants, the more likely visitors are to convert into leads. For example, someone who is a first-time visitor to your website or in the awareness stage of the buyer's journey is more likely to click on a CTA for an ebook, as opposed to a leads or someone in the consideration stage, who will be more interested in specific information about your product or service, such as pricing or case studies. By showing the most appropriate CTA to each visitor, you increase the chances that they will click to take action you suggest.


3. You can delight your customers with smart CTAs.

Typically, the main focus of inbound marketing is generating leads, and delighting customers gets put on the back burner. However, delighting customers is a huge part of the inbound methodology and must not be neglected! Keep in mind that an established customer who visits your website may not be interested in sales-related messages relating to products or services they have already purchased. Smart CTAs can help you engage your established customers, perhaps by offering customer rewards or cross-selling other products or services that current customers may find helpful.


How to Create Smart CTAs 

By using the HubSpot tools, you can show smart CTAs to contacts based on their country, device type, referral source, preferred language, or lifecycle stage or through smart lists.

Let’s look more closely at one of the most common types of smart CTAs: list-based CTAs. Think about all the data you’ve been collecting from your leads and customers. If you have organized this data into lists in HubSpot, you can be very specific about which CTAs show to which list of contacts. If you have a list of customers located in Des Moines, Iowa, and a list of customers in Denver, Colorado, you can show the customers in Des Moines CTAs that are relevant to them but not to the folks in Denver—and vise versa.


  • Make sure you’ve set up a smart list in HubSpot for the segment you want to target.
  • Navigate to the CTA tool, and find the CTA that you want to make smart. Click on the tool icon to the right of it, and select “Make smart.”

Smart CTA set up


  • Select to show content to contacts or customers based on Contact List Membership then click Next Step.
Smart CTA set up 
  • Select the list of contacts that you want to see this smart CTA, and click “Next step.”
  • Select the CTA you want to display, and click “Use selected CTA.”

Now, whenever a contact who is in that smart list views the relevant page(s) on your website, they will see this new smart CTA rather than the default one.

As you can see, using smart CTAs can really take your inbound marketing efforts to the next level! Start creating smart CTAs today to improve your conversion rates, delight your customers, and improve the overall user experience of your website. To see how your inbound marketing efforts stack up, let Blue Frog do a free inbound marketing assessment! Click the button below to get started. 


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