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Use Variable Data Printing to Its Full Potential!

There are several ways to use print materials to benefit your company. Variable data printing has become popular because it is a quick way to print a lot of items with a bit of personalization. However, many companies do not use variable data printing to its full potential. Continue reading to see how you can use this widely accessible technology to communicate with your audience on a more personalized level.



Create Greeting Cards

Greeting cards help you to stay at the top of your clients’ minds through the holiday season. The greeting cards that companies tend to send out are usually not personalized. As a result, personalization can really help you stand out from your competitors and make an impact. With variable data printing, it’s easy to customize each card with the recipient’s name.


Direct Mailers

Customizing these direct mail pieces can also help your stand out from the others that fill your audience’s mailboxes. If you’re trying to market multiple events, you can create an eye-catching static graphic design to pair with different event information on the cards. The variable information on these cards will not only save you time and money, but it will also make an impact on your audience.


Personalized Coupons

Many companies send out coupons to their customers to persuade them to make a purchase. While some people will use these coupons, many more are likely to go unused. However, personalizing these coupons can increase the number that are used as well as foster customer loyalty. Often, you can do this most effectively by basing the personalization on recipients’ purchase history with your business.


Fundraiser Mailers

When you are sending out fundraiser mailers, no matter what the fundraiser, you are more likely to get a response to personalized communication. Not only do you have the option of sending mailers with individual names on them, but you can also personalize the amount you are asking for. You can create the static information based on the fundraiser itself and personalize the recipients’ names and the amount requested. This is best done when you are sending out fundraiser mailers to people that have already donated to your cause in the past, since you then have insight into how much they are likely to give in the future.


Variable Graphics

If your business needs to reach many different groups of people, you are likely familiar with targeting different messages to each audience. Without variable data printing, you would have to stop and restart the entire printing process every time you started printing a new customized graphic. With it, you can create customized graphics that appeal to different demographics and add them to your already designed pieces. This will save you time and money while still creating the look and feel you need for each audience.

Variable data printing is a smart option for many types of businesses. These are only a few examples of how you can use variable data printing to your advantage. Whenever you want to produce a quantity of printed pieces in batches that incorporate slightly different elements, variable data printing can accomplish it easily and cost effectively.


Blue Frog Marketing, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, provides a full range of quality printing services, including variable data, wide format, and even creative projects like branded magazines and striking print fulfillment packages. Click below to discuss how we can help your business succeed!


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