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The Importance of Quality Content Creation

The way businesses recruit customers has changed. It is no longer sufficient to provide a high quality product or service and to advertise on TV, radio, or in print. People have learned to tune out intrusive advertising. More and more consumers are going online to find product and service providers, and they pay attention to the content of the sites they find. There is a huge difference to a potential customer between a well-written and organized site that provides helpful information they are searching for and one that seems thrown together and contains sales pitches and inferior quality writing. To optimize your web traffic, and in turn, your sales, it is essential to offer valuable, high-quality content written with SEO marketing considerations in mind.  Professionally written content has the power to increase your visibility online and drive targeted traffic to your site.

  • Provide professionally written content that is valuable to your potential customers.   When a user visits your site, you have the opportunity to make an impression.  If you provide well-written, high-quality content, you can establish your business as a trusted authority on the subjects of your posts.  If a visitor finds your site a valuable source of information, you begin to build a relationship that increases the likelihood that visitor will eventually become a customer.

    Effective writing is a skill.  Not all successful business owners have developed this skill or have people on staff who can write effectively.  If there is no one in your organization who is adept at professional writing, it may benefit you to hire someone who is.  Remember, this is your chance to make an impression.  You want to send the message that you are a professional organization and an authority in your field.  However good the information you’re attempting to deliver might be, substandard writing presents a shoddy, unprofessional image.

  • Utilize effective SEO strategy.  Before users can be engaged by your fantastic content, they need to be able to find your website.  Many factors contribute to a site’s online visibility.  Of primary importance today is how a site ranks in keyword queries on search engines such as Google.  Understanding how to effectively use keywords in your content takes time and focus.  Understanding optimal keyword placement and researching the traffic and competition for various keywords are essential parts of SEO.  The following statistics illustrate the vital importance of search engine rank:

     Google boasts 173,003,000 unique users per month.

     75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

     70% of clicked links are organic (as opposed to sponsored) links.  This means that it is actually more effective to take the time to understand how to write for the web than to pay Google for page prominence.

  • Many business owners do not have the spare time or staff to develop a sufficient working knowledge of SEO to effectively utilize it as a marketing strategy.  If you are unwilling or unable to undertake this task yourself, a professional content creator can optimize your content so that it appears as prominently as possible in search engine results.

By providing quality content with an SEO-savvy approach, you can dramatically increase the amount of targeted traffic to your website and present a professional and authoritative face to your visitors.  If you are interested in discussing professional content creation services, contact Blue Frog Marketing.  We offer professional writing with effective SEO techniques that can drive visitors to your site and impress them with the content you offer!

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