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Improve your SEO with Google+

Google favors Google+ content, so any business looking to boost their overall search engine visibility can’t afford not to utilize Google+! When you're attempting to make sales and attract more customers, search engine optimization is key. Since Google DOMINATES the search world, utilizing Google+ is a GREAT way to get your website in front of lots of potential customers!


We will show you five ways that Google+ increases your SEO, but first, take a look at these common reasons why businesses neglect Google+:

  • My target audience is probably not on Google+.
  • I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so isn’t that enough?
  • I just don’t know if Google+ is really worth it.

These reasons may seem valid, but because Google+ is linked so closely to Google, your website and blog content will have less of a chance of appearing in a search if they aren’t on Google+! More than 540 million users utilize Google Plus every month (Source: Vlogg).

If you see the benefit to increasing your SEO and using Google+, check out exactly how Google+ increases your SEO:

1. You’re Able to Index More Branded Content

Public posts from Google+ will get indexed by Google. That means that every post you put on Google+ raises the likelihood of your brand showing up in someone’s search results on Google!

2. Website and Blog Content Can Rank Higher

The Google+ social share button (+1), lets your website visitors recommend your content on Google search and share it to Google+. There is a very powerful correlation between numbers of +1s and how well a page ranks! So, make sure you add a +1 button on your blog posts and any lead generation content.

3. Get FREE Real Estate in Search Engine Results.

The businesses that are on Google+ get prime real estate that you can’t even buy on search results! Google will show information about a brand complete with a “Follow” button so people doing a search can then follow that brand on Google+ right on the search results page!

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Improve your SEO with this free eBook

4. Google Indexes Web Content Faster

You no longer have to submit a form and wait for weeks to get Google to index your content. You can simply share a web page to Google+ or just click a +1 button! That’s right, just share any website or blog you want INDEXED FAST to Google+.

The bottom line is that having an active page on Google+ enables Google to index more of your content faster, which increases your chances of being noticed by potential clients! 100% of business on Google+ get a boost in their website rank on Google.

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