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How to Make Your Website Traffic Skyrocket!

It seems to get harder and harder to grab the attention of your target audience these days. The competition is huge today and, as a result, marketers have to think outside the box and try new ways of attracting customers to their websites. 


Increasing Backlinks

One such way is to cultifvate high quality backlinks to your content. Here’s how it works:

  1. Research topics or trends in your industry to find popular existing content.
  2. Find new ways to generate content that has a similar message, delivered in a new way. For example, utilize a unique and more engaging medium to display the information, update the statistics, or bring it to life with design. Platforms such as Kuia and SnapApp allow you to create fun interactive pieces!
  3. After creating your new piece of content, connect with people who have already linked out to similar content, and get your piece in front of them. If they like it, they may give you a new backlink! 
Why is this technique so successful? Here are a few reasons:
  • When you research content that is currently successful, you gain insight into what topics are grabbing readers' attention.
  • Examining how this existing popular content entertains or solves a problem for readers enables you to tune into what's generating interest. You can grab a share of that audience by putting your own creative spin on trending topics or adding your unique insight.
  • Because the original content was so successful, it’s very likely that Google has already indexed that resource well. If you can create something similar but unique, there’s great potential to have your piece ranked well on Google too!


Start Your Strategy Today!

Keep an eye out for quality, industry-leading content in your industry. You’ll discover that popular topics get written about and mentioned over and over again in different places. When you find an article from a good source that has gotten shared thousands of times, you’ll know its search engine rankings must be outstanding!

Then, start brainstorming ways you can the same topic but transform it into something better. Gather your design team and think about crafting the content into a format that your target audience would love.

After you publish your content for your existing audience, use a program like BuzzSumo to find other companies and sites that publish content on similar topics, and reach out to them. Ask if they would like to share or republish your new, unique piece of content. Watch your traffic soar with each new backlink!


Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a highly effective way to increase traffic to your website. Learn more about the results inbound marketing can deliver with our downloadable case studies! 

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