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How to Use LinkedIn for B2B

Are you using LinkedIn for B2B? LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals.   

How should I use Linked in? Become the Expert!


Your summary allows people to see a quick snapshot of your profile. You need to make sure this is short & sweet but really pops.  My summary reads as follows. 

Welcome to 2014, where the old rules of attracting customers have been obliterated. Nowadays, there is simply no room for hype and over-blown promises – this is a world where you have to understand how to create and/or join online conversations that are critical to engaging your prime business prospects. This is a world where relationships matter more than ever before.  And, I’m happy to say, this is MY world and I couldn’t be more excited to meet you here on LinkedIn today!

I’m Raylee Melton at Blue Frog Marketing, a full-service online marketing agency based in Des Moines, Iowa, that specializes in developing the customer relationships that give your business a significant edge.

Frankly, I use the word “marketer” cautiously when I describe myself, because for some it still conjures up old-school advertising and hype. That’s not what marketing is all about today.   Today’s  customer hates being “marketed” to … they want authentic interaction demonstrating genuine appreciation of their unique wants and needs. These days, marketing requires conversations – not sales pitches.

Let’s face it, more than a billion people on the planet are connected online: Wouldn’t you like to get even a fraction of that massive audience to look at the products and services you offer?    
I welcome the chance to meet with you and discuss how Blue Frog Marketing can partner with you to help you achieve your business goals.

We can help you by either posting for you or setting up a training program for you. Either way, you won’t be sorry you contacted Blue Frog Marketing.


Social Media* Marketing Strategies & Campaigns* Trade Show Coordinator * Web & Print Content Development* Creative Team Leadership *Development of Training Materials

Please take note that the specialties section is how people can find you on Linked In. I also don’t reference anything to sell.


This should look similar to your resume. It gives people a chance to check out your work experience. Make sure you have relevant information listed in past job experience so when people are looking for you they find you with the right key words. I am a social media consultant so no one needs to know I used to work at Burger King in high school.

 Skills & Expertise

 This is critical when people are looking for your type of business. You need to make sure your skills match your product or service.


Listing your past education is a great way to reference your experience.

 If you already have a profile, please take the time to update it now. Even when writing this I noticed I need to update my information.

 Finding Contacts

 You probably have already figured out how to search by people, companies, updates, jobs, answers or groups. If you have implemented the Launch It! Program you’re already inviting people to the page. Make sure you invite contacts from networking, hobbies, groups etc to your page.

We have all jumped in on the social mobile revolution. Using the internet widens the reach to attract the right clients from all over the country. It sounds so incredibly easy. Just create a page and the business will come.  So, why do you post and get nothing?  Honestly, if you don’t know what you’re doing you could actually find yourself in a sea of competitors either being ignored or being downright annoying and turning-off instead of attracting clients.

Doing business online has become essential to any business however it’s become very competitive.  Everyone is online and everyone is an expert. You’ve not only got to stand out and apply a consistent stream of activity with your marketing but you need pull in prospects from your social media feed. Also,  you’ve really got to avoid creating a low-resistant environment. 

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