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Google+ for Business: Optimizing Your Page & Posts

Last year, approximately 22% of online adults visited Google+ each month. (Forrester Research)

That’s too many people who may be searching for your product or service to ignore. So let’s look at how you can optimize your page and posts for the best chances of success on Google+. 

Before we go any further, know that the single easiest and most effective thing you can do for your page is to post regularly. You should already be creating great content anyway, so be sure you put that content on Google+! Sharing content to Google+ helps Google index more of your content faster, so you get a better chance of being seen by your potential clients.

Now that you understand the importance of using Google+, let’s examine the best ways to optimize your page and posts to be as successful as possible: 

  1. Reserve Your Page’s Custom URL

Once you create your Google+ page, upload a strong profile photo. start recruiting followers (you'll need at least 10), and wait 30 days, and then you’ll be able to  claim a custom URL for your brand, making your page is easier to find and share.
  1. Link Your Website to Your Google+ Page

Linking your website and Google+ page will create an inbound link from Google+ and allow your page to show up on the right hand side of search results. You can find a detailed explanation of how to link your website to Google+ here.
  1. Share Your Posts to Other Social Channels on Google+

You are probably already posting your content to Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn, so start publishing that same content to your Google+ page. Simple as that!

  1. Add to Your Page’s “Links” Section

Pages on Google+ allow you to add links that are relevant to your business. You can do this by clicking the "about" tab on your profile page and scrolling down to the “links” section. Be sure you add your website, blog, other social profiles, and any additional pages you want to drive traffic to.

  1. Make Your Story GREAT

The "about" section of your profile also includes a “story” section that allows you to enter a tagline and an introduction. This “story” is very important because it then becomes the meta description when your page appears in search results. Create a clear, concise story that will inform readers and encourage clickthroughs.   
  1. Focus On the First 45-50 Characters of Your Posts

The first 45-50 characters of a Google+ post become that post’s page title in search results. Create that first line as if it were a title for a blog post, and add in a keyword that you want to rank for. 

  1. Use Visuals!

On almost all social networks, you’re better off posting images than a plan text update. (“Images” include links with thumbnails and videos, too!)

When it comes to using social media for business, Google+ an essential network for finding new prospects, particularly considering that Google favors Google+ posts. If you follow the tips above, and you can take advantage of the exposure and SEO edge that Google+ offers.

Want to find out more about how to use social media to your advantage? Check out our recent post, "5 Ways Sales Professionals Can Use Social Selling to Drive Revenue," and consider attending one of Blue Frog Academy's social media trainings in Des Moines. No time to spend on social media? That doesn't mean you have to miss out on the benefits. Click the link below to find out how we can help.

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