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Creating Great Social Media Marketing Content

Utilizing social media is an important marketing tool for all businesses. However, posting content that is useful is even more important. In today's blog, I will give you tidbits of information to create better content on social media.

Target Your Audience - Figure out the persona of your customers on social media. Are they loyal customers to your business? Do they LIKE your page because of a friend? Or are they just a fan of the industry that you're in? Creating content that relates to your audience will grab their attention and be interesting to them. 

Post relevant information - Nothing makes my social media marketing brain hurt more than when companies will post for example, "Happy birthday to all of our followers with a July birthday!" Okay that was nice of them, but did that company really benefit? Did the follower with a July birthday all of a sudden go their website and purchase? Probably not. So let's talk about RELEVANT information: Anything that is relevant to your business. That can be your products, services, or an industry article for example. 

Call-To-Action - You are posting information on social media, because you want your followers to act upon. If you want your message to be shared to your follower's friends, tell them to "SHARE this post." If you want your followers to read an artice, make sure you make it aware that they should read the article you're posting about. 

Back Links - Another very important part to social media and SEO. The majority of your content on social media should include a link back to your website. One of the main goals of social media marketing is to drive traffic to your website. (Hopefully you have an awesome website that will hang attract that visitor once they're on your website.) No body likes long URLs, plus they take up a lot of space, so make sure you shorten your links by using the free link shortening software from

#Hashtags - Including hashtags in your posts makes your information and your business much easier to be found by people who may not be following you. Include hashtags that you think people will search for that people are interested in. 

Conversational - Some of the best social media marketing content creates a conversation between you and your followers. They may be interested in something that you mentioned in your post, therefore they comment. It is important for you to respond to that question/comment/concern and have that conversation. People LOVE that!

Analyze - Sometimes creating great social media content takes trial and error. Maybe you are not sure of what the persona is of your followers or you are not sure what messaging they're interested in. So just keep an eye on the number of LIKES and Comments you receive on your posts. 

Creating great social media marketing content takes time, but if you build it they will come. And once you're posting relevant information frequently, it will help with your business SEO rank. So get posting and get posting daily!

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