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Creating Great Downloadable Content for the Finance Industry

Marketing within the finance industry is tough. Using an inbound marketing strategy, however, can help you distinguish your company from the rest. Creating quality content that showcases your knowledge and expertise as well as provides valuable information to your website visitors can help you to get noticed and to build relationships with prospective clients. Your blog and social media accounts are two places to do this. When you create downloadable content, however, you gain the capability to collect information from your most interested readers. Readers need a good reason to share their information with you, so you need to make sure that your downloadable offers provide real value to your ideal customers. 

6 Tips for Creating Great Downloadable Finance Industry Content 

  1. Make your content relatable.

Presenting content in the form of a step-by-step guide works great for offers like eBooks and infographics. Readers appreciate content that gives them a simple process to follow. When discussing complex scenarios, which often arise in the finance industry, use real-life examples to help the reader relate to and more fully comprehend the topic. 

  1. Engage your audience with tools.

Consider creating financial tools that will make your visitors' lives easier, such as a budgeting tool or tax calculator. Interactive tools will really boost your lead generation efforts if you have access to people with the expertise to build them.

  1. Allow your audience to share your content.

Make sure you include social sharing buttons within your eBooks and all downloadable content that you create. If it’s easy to share, your readers will be more likely to share it! Using the click-to-tweet tool within your content is another way to make sharing simple.

  1. Add a decoding key.

Place a jargon buster after the introduction of an eBook to make your content more easily digestible. If readers can quickly scroll back to the beginning of your eBook to find the definitions of unfamiliar terms, they will be able to connect more strongly to the content and your to company. 

  1. Highlight interesting data.

Integrate unique, relevant, and accurate data into your content. Most people appreciate statistics, and providing them in a thoughtful and relevant way casts your company as an authority on your chosen topic.

  1. Create quality landing pages.

Your landing pages are the gateway to your downloadable content, and they also generate a large amount of a company’s organic search traffic. Because a landing page could be the very first point of contact a potential lead has with your business, it's critical that your landing pages make a good impression. But be sure to make landing pages about your oustanding content offers, not about your company.

If you are in the finance industry, try inbound marketing and see how many leads you can generate! By following these tips to creating quality downloadable content, the leads are sure to start flowing.

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