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Case Study: Hedrick Construction Builds Business with Blue Frog

Hedrick Construction, based in Huxley, Iowa, specializes in roofing installation and repairs. At the time Hedrick Construction made the decision to partner with Blue Frog, the company sought to build an online presence in order to help more potential customers find the company online, attract more website visitors, and convert visitors into customers. In the four years since partnering with Blue Frog, Hedrick Construction has increased website traffic 19,527% and generated 583 leads.

Hedrick's website traffic


Hedrick Construction’s Challenges

Before partnering with Blue Frog, Hedrick Construction relied heavily on directory listings and ads in the Yellow Pages. As a result, they had no long-term marketing strategy for growth, and the business was very limited in the number of potential customers it could reach. Although Hedrick Construction had previously invested in website and social media efforts, they had seen very little return on this investment and did not know how to generate significant website traffic and leads. The company lacked the tools it needed to effectively capture new leads on the site itself and strategically nurture those leads into customers.

“We had been using another company for several years to manage our website and social media. We saw very little return on our investment with that company and actually learned that our online presence was suffering because the company was not invested in us.… The investment in Blue Frog was significant, and I knew I would have to be patient to see results. However, within a very short time, I began seeing results and developed so much confidence in Blue Frog that I was able to cut my advertising budget in half.” –Heather Hedrick

Crafting a long-term marketing strategy to build a strong online presence and generate and nurture leads through its website would enable Hedrick Construction to build brand awareness and online visibility and grow its clientele.


Tools for Success

Blue Frog manages Hedrick Construction’s online activities through HubSpot, an online platform that provides the tools the company needed to draw more customers to its website, engage them with valuable content and offers, and nurture them along the buyer’s journey with personalized communications.

  • Blue Frog’s team of content writers wrote regular blog posts for Hedrick and utilized HubSpot’s blogging tool, which made it easy to optimize the posts and share them over social media.
  • Blue Frog’s use of HubSpot’s keyword tracking tool has allowed us to recognize and capitalize on opportunities to rank highly for certain search queries. In Hedrick’s first year with Blue Frog, the number of keyword searches for which it appeared on the first page of Google results multiplied by 310, and the number of keyword searches for which it appears in the top 3 Google results multiplied by 188.Hedrick website stats
  • HubSpot has made it easy for Blue Frog to create calls to action and optimized landing pages with forms to generate leads for Hedrick online.
  • Blue Frog uses HubSpot’s analytic tools to show Hedrick the results of online marketing efforts, providing insight into prospects’ interests and needs as well as which tactics work best for converting particular segments of its email list into customers.

Lasting Results

In its first month with Blue Frog, Hedrick Construction had 272 website visits from organic search. One year later, organic search visits reached 427, and by the end of the third year with Blue Frog, organic search traffic had skyrocketed to 28,292 visits! Hedrick Construction knew that building up its position in organic search results was a slow process, but their commitment to it has paid off.

website traffic


Hedrick Construction continually sees growth in its website traffic and keyword rankings as well as a steady increase in leads through the use of online forms and landing pages that Blue Frog has built through HubSpot. After one year of using HubSpot, Hedrick Construction ranked in the top 3 search results for 189 keywords and in the top 10 search results for 311 keywords. By the end of its second year into HubSpot, Hedrick ranked in the top 3 search results for 279 keywords and in the top 10 results for 541! Hedrick Construction continually sees growth in its website traffic and keyword rankings as well as a steady increase in leads through the use of online forms and landing pages.


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