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5 Reasons Your Denver Business Website Should Be Your #1 Employee

With social media and blogging becoming so popular, it can be easy for businesses to overlook the importance of a good website. Take a look at the reasons your Denver business website should be your #1 employee and your biggest asset.

  1. SEO and Inbound Marketing

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing, your website is your greatest tool.  Your website allows you to post a huge amount of content which helps a lot with inbound marketing if the right keywords are used. If your website isn’t updated pretty regularly though this can definitely harm your business.


  1. Your website is a direct reflection on your company.

The website you have setup for your Denver business is your way of communicating directly with potential customers. If your website is not updated and current, it could very well cost your business some customers.  Which business are you more likely to buy from, one that either doesn’t have a website or has one that hasn’t been updated in years, or from a business that has a website which has appears to be completely up to date? Most likely the one with the better website. If you would make a decision based on this, others will as well. Make sure yours is the one they choose.


  1. Websites give credibility.

If your Denver-based company doesn’t even have a website yet, stop reading this blog and set one up. Or, better yet, contact Blue Frog and we’ll do it for you. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, people give a lot of credibility to a website. And if your company doesn’t have one, that says a lot about your company, and not in a good way. If you do a Google search for a company and there’s no website associated with the company you’re looking for, chances are that makes you wonder two things – 1. are they still around, and 2. if they are still around, are they a reputable company. You don’t want your potential customers wondering these things! You want them to know exactly where you are and how reputable you are. The easiest way to do this is by having a good website.


  1. A website allows you to post tons of content.

Social media can be very limiting when it comes to content. Most social media platforms have a character limit that can make getting your message out there difficult. A blog can even be a bit constricting because people generally don’t read blogs that are over 600 words. Websites are where you can let it all out though. When people are at your website, they want to learn about your products. They want to know what services you provide to the Denver area. They’re interested in knowing about your company. Let your website do all the talking for you. A good website can certainly replace a good salesman if done correctly.


  1. A website provides a landing place for calls to action.

Providing calls to action (such as ‘click here for a quote’) are an important part of a company’s inbound marketing strategy. However, without a decent website, calls to action can become less effective. If you don’t have calls to action on your social media pages, people will just continue scrolling through their feeds without stopping on your posts. You need to give them something to do, and usually that something involved driving people directly to your site.


The bottom line is – your website is important. It brings in leads, acts as the face of your company, and gives your company credibility. It’s important that your website is built and managed correctly. If you don’t have time to dedicate to it – we do. Check out what Blue Frog can do for you.

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