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3 Social Media Training Tips for your Small Business

We want to start this blog with sharing 3 social media marketing statistics:

  • 83% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business.
  • The number of businesses that say Facebook is critical or important to their business has increased by 75%.
  • Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.
Okay so you get it, as a small business owner you need to spend some time marketing your products or services on social media. However, social media isn't all about pushing sales and your business. It is a two-way conversation between your brand and your current/potential customers. Today, we would like to share with your three social media training tips for your small business!



Tip #1 - Identify Your Goal
Identifying your business goal for being on social media is important, otherwise you would be wasting your time. Is your goal to sell more products/services? Have more people walk into your store? Is it a place where you establish your brand and create more brand awareness? Honestly the goals are endless and there is no right or wrong answer. Something to think about is what do your customers want? Do they want special offers? Do they want a place to communicate with you, the brand? 


Tip #2 - Know Your Audience
Who do you want to talk to? Or who do you want to talk to you? You figure out your target audience by painting a picture of your ideal customer. Their age, location, occupation, income, etc. Do they have kids? Do they have special interests? What time of day are they accessing social media? All these factors are important when creating that ideal customer so you can know exactly who your target market is on social media. Once you have that established, build content around that person so you can best engage with your audience. 


Tip #3 - Choose Your Social Networks
Where are your ideal customers? If your ideal customers are females, you better be on Pinterest because 80% of Pinterest users are female. Is Twitter right for your business? Maybe or maybe not. There are so many social media networks out there, but the most important ones are: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. All businesses will benefit differently with each type of social media network. Choose wisely, otherwise you're wasting your time if your ideal customer is not on a specific social media network. You can also select social networks by seeing where your competition is online. Your goal is to increase your business social media precense on those networks and become a leader in your industry on those specific networks.


For more social media training tips or to ask about our social media training sessions, please email We will educate you on social media marketing and how your business can utilize it effectively. 
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