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Why Inbound Marketing WORKS

Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound leads. Why does it work so well?

Before we go into why it works, let’s first take a look at what exactly inbound marketing is. Basically, it’s a process that brings customers to you, as opposed to you going out and trying to get customers yourself.

With inbound marketing, people become customers based on your brand instead of the deals you have or the exact products you’re selling. It’s more about who your company is than what it sells. Your strategy should make people really want to be aligned with your brand in one way or another. To get started, you first need to have a strategy.




The Inbound Marketing Strategy

This form of marketing requires a powerful online presence to attract targeted leads. These steps are required to make it work: 

  1. Define clear goals to assist in creating a customized plan that will deliver ROI
  2. Plan out the precise activities necessary to reach those goals
  3. Create workflows so each team and person is accountable for their responsibilities in the campaign
  4. Continually monitor and examine analytics in the campaign to see what activities are making the most impact.
  5. Make sure your branding is the same across all online presences, including social media and your company’s website.

When all of the elements to this strategy are carried out, results are seen almost immediately. 

What’s Wrong with Outbound Marketing?

Traditional, or outbound marketing that tries to reach people through general media and in-person contact is no longer working. The buying of ads and email lists, and hoping for leads are no longer effective marketing strategies. With Outbound Marketing efforts:

  • Results are not easily tracked
  • ROI cannot be accurately measured
  • It is nearly impossible to gain new leads and customers because today’s consumer does not just want to be sold to.

That last bullet point is probably the number one reason it no longer works. People are so sick and tired of being sold to that they block out almost all of the ads they see. Think of how many people record a show on their DVR and then fast forward through all of the commercials. Or the people with spam filters on their email. People have become really good at simply ignoring advertisments.

Inbound marketing, however, has been the most effective marketing method for doing business online since 2006! (HubSpot)


Sit back and think about which forms of marketing work better on you. Are you more likely to purchase a product that you saw on tv (if you see it at all), or a product that you see displayed on a company’s social media page in a creative or interesting way? Most likely you will answer the latter. Since you’ve chosen to ‘like’ that company on social media, you’ve basically said it’s ok for them to market to you. You know and like the company based on their online presence. This is exactly why inbound marketing is mounds more successful than outbound marketing.

Learn more about how lead generation works with Inbound Marketing with our free eBook!

Learn about lead generation with this free eBook

By aligning your company’s content with your customers’ interests, they become naturally drawn to you and become inbound traffic that you can covert, close and delight! Inbound marketing allows you to attract the right people to your brand who will be life-long customers and promoters of your business.  

When you do outbound marketing, you are casting out a huge net to see what you can catch. With inbound marketing, the people come to you willingly. 

Do you know that your brand is NOT being presented as an obvious solution that resonates with your potential customers? If you're looking for Des Moines inbound marketing services, contact Blue Frog. We also serve businesses in Denver and cities across the country! 

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