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    Tyler Scott

    Apr 3, 2017

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    What Can a Company Catalog Do for Your Business?

    Leading Edge 2.jpgDo you remember back in the day when you would flip through holiday catalogs of your favorite stores and brands looking for the best gifts to buy or ask for? Using a printed catalog is a great way to attract new clients to your local company. Today’s catalogs showcase much more than pictures and pricing. They contain stories, descriptions and even product/service articles that make the purchase intriguing. They also engage customers with your brand. Today, Blue Frog lays out the top five reasons why your company should have a company catalog printed by your local printer.


    Building your brand.

    Have the catalog professionaly designed as a way to show off your brand and build customer loyalty and engagement in town. Add articles and visuals that will expose your message that you’re trying to convey about your brand.


    Inform the reader.

    Designing and printing a catalog doesn’t always have to be focused on filling each page with products and services that you may be selling. Fill the pages with credible company information and stories that will attract new customers and build loyalty.


    Get noticed.

    Instead of waiting for all the business to come to you, a catalog can help take the brand to the customer. There are plenty of mailing and shipping options to reach a target of potential clients. Be sure to work with a printer that also has mailing services. According to the New York Times, consumers who received catalogs in 2014 spent an average of $850 per year in catalog purchases.


    Inform your audience.

    What does your ideal customer look like? How do they purchase? When do they purchase? These are some of the questions that you will need to have in mind when content is being written for your target market. Focus the content marketing based on their wants and needs.


    Sell yourself.

    Isn’t selling an end goal here? It’s important that the customer is able to understand the mission behind your brand by flipping through the pages. You will want to have a focus on company attributes and product benefits that appeal to your customers. This is essentially a call to action that should result in the purchase of products or services.


    To learn more about having a catalog produced for your business, contact Blue Frog Marketing and we would be happy to mail you some samples of catalogs that Blue Frog has designed and printed from cover to cover.

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