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The Business Problems that Inbound Marketing Solves

Is your small business struggling with sales and marketing? Today’s consumer does not want to be interrupted and sold to. In fact, people will literally turn away from brands that continue to use traditional advertising.

Many companies know this, yet they still encounter problems and challenges in social marketing, and problems with multi level marketing. They wonder, "how do companies use social media?" and, "How can I increase leads?"

The key for small business success today is to draw ideal buyers right to your company’s doorstep. [Tweet this!]

To do this, businesses must practice the methods of inbound marketing! Here are some identifiers of struggling small businesses whose current marketing and sales methods are no longer working.

  1. Higher-ups in the company often worry:
    • “I have to manage the minutia of the business, but I must also hold the bigger picture and meet revenue goals” and/or,
    • “I have all these creative ideas, but then how do I sell them?”
  1. Company has an assistant helping with social media, but he or she is not skilled in all all things marketing or sales.
  2. Company has a marketing or sales department in place, but lacks real expertise.
  3. Company follows marketing and sales blogs, RSS feeds, but could use help implementing and monitoring new strategies to get results. 
  4. Company is already using social media, but not effectively (not seeing results).
  5. With a full schedule, providing constant content for the company’s target market and current customers is an issue.

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So, what's the solution?

If your company can relate to any (or perhaps all) of those identifiers, inbound marketing is the special sauce missing from your business strategy! Inbound marketing solves countless strategic marketing problems by:

  • Creating valuable, educational content that goes hand-in-hand with the specific issues your prospects face at the right moment in their buying process
  • Using social media to help build brand awareness and get fans to tell your story and spread your content to others
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Increasing leads for your business

If you've thought about things like how to create a content management system and how to drive traffic to your website to increase lead generation, then you need inbound marketing!

If you're interested in learning more about what inbound marketing could do for your business, let's talk!

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