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Prevent Social Media Burnout

We hear people talking about disabling their social media profiles all the time. They get tired of the obsession, drama, happiness, invites and sadness. It is amazing that we have the ability to connect with everyone we ever met and will meet. However, it can have its downsides. In order to prevent a social media burnout considers these three tips.

  • Take a Break

Make one day a week a non-internet day every week. More than likely this will be Saturday or Sunday and it doesn’t have to be the same day each week. Just pick one day and don’t go online. Your status updates notifications, emails and to do list, will still be waiting for you the next day.

  • Time Management

How many times a day are you checking your profiles? How about email? We suggest checking your email every 90 minutes during the work day. We also think checking your profiles twice a day is plenty. Spending time checking these online outlets is a great, if it doesn’t take away from your day. The internet should enhance your life not control it.

  • Protect your Newsfeed

Tired of hearing what Silly Suzie had for dinner? Don’t care that your high school that you haven’t seen in 15 years is getting new paint on their house? Get to know the profile settings. We would give you a step by step guide but by the time it is produced it would be out of date. Just keep update as they make changes.

Remember, you can social media anyway that benefits you. It shouldn’t consume you or your time. Use these tips to make it more enjoyable. There are studies coming out saying the people check their social networks 15 times a day. Social media is amazing but that is over the top. Surely, you have something better to do than just read someone else’s status update.

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